Sunday, August 26, 2018

Let's Get This Party Started!

We hadn't found a Reiki and we were starting to get desperate.  Unfortunately we had no where to turn.  It's not like you go to the Reiki section of your local store and pick one up.

Since we hadn't heard from the Reiki that Amy recommend, I decided to reach out to her to see if she could help.  I sent her a very brief message on Twitter, although I knew the odds of her seeing it were slim.  I sent another message to her via our producer at Painless Productions.  Like I said, I kept the message brief and simple.

Hi Amy,

I hope you remember us. We were the family in Kearney MO  from this past May.  We having a difficult time finding a Reiki and haven't heard back from the one you recommend.  We're very scared for Heidi and need help.  Can you recommend someone else or point us in a different direction.

Thank you so much for what you've done for us.


Within a couple of days, the original Reiki that Amy recommend called back!  She was very apologetic about not getting back to us sooner as prior commitments kept her away.  She was somewhat familiar with our situation as Amy had given her some of  basic information about us along with her instructions to get our lives back.  

The first step was to asking us about our experiences since the reveal.  She wanted to know if it had gotten better, worse, and was the same.  She wanted to know as much about Heidi as possible as she was thee number one priority.  She wanted to start working on Heidi right away.

We told the Reiki about our visit to Aquarius and she was excited that we were proactive and took steps.  She was also familiar with the people at Aquarius and was happy that they took the proper and correct steps to help us.  That comment alone really helped give us a bit more peace of mind.  Considering everything we had been through over the past 8 years, it was comforting to know that we were finally getting the upper hand.

The primary attention was on the crazy woman, we had to cut the ties she had with Heidi and get rid of her.  The Reiki wanted to weaken her as much as possible before she came out to our house.  Everything needed to be planned with a high level of attention to detail because one wrong step, could cash her to  lash out at us with more power.  

The steps to accomplishing this were simple but the mental strength in doing so was very hard.  We had become so weak and tired despite gaining control but the fact that we were so close gave us the strength to push forward.  Besides, we had to protect and save our child.

The Reiki laid out a plan.

-Continue to burn the Frankincense and myrrh every day.
-Play calming Reiki music continuously.
-Speak with confidence and tell everyone there that this is our house.  It belongs to us.
-Pray using the book of Psalms we had gotten from Aquarius.
-Never leave anyone alone in the house
-The Reiki would start working on Heidi's situation prior to coming out.  Focusing her energy on Heidi.
-Plan a time when the weather is clear and calm for her to come out and severe the ties.

I could feel the crazy woman start to weaken.  Her voice was now nothing more than a weak whisper and her screams had stopped.  I could tell she was starting to feel the effects of everything going on around her.

"I am tired my love. I am lost and scared. I am unsure of what is happening." She whispered one morning.  The tone of her voice was heartbreaking.  Despite all that she had done, I couldn't help to feel some empathy for her.

"It will be over soon, we're going to help you but you have to trust us that we are going to do the right thing."  I whispered back to her.

Even though the crazy woman was starting to lose her grip on Heidi and her control of us, it didn't stop the others.  Doors would still open and slam shut, heavy footsteps could still be heard in the house.  We heard children laughing as if they were playing.  Maya was still on edge at certain times and was mindful of were I was at all times.

The spoon continued it's journeys, disappearing and then flying through the house as it returned.  However, we could feel the house starting to feel lighter and brighter.  We were also starting to feel better and stronger.

The Reiki told us that we need to be stronger before she came out because if we were weak, we would lose.  She understood that despite the crazy woman weakening and coming to terms it would still be difficult to move her on. 

As Amy had said during our reveal, 

"She's not going to really want to go."

...and she didn't either.

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