Monday, May 21, 2018

The Reveal-Part Three

Note:  This blog entry deals with some very sensitive issues that were not aired on our episode. It has taken a long time for us to heal from what we learned.  The emotional toll it took on us and the details leading up to Jennifer's breakdown are in this entry.

My hope that the Hat Man was our only issue were dashed when Amy said, "Yea, I did" after Steve asked her if she saw anything else.

I will never forget the look on Amy's face when she said that.  I knew by the tone of her voice and her expression, that we were about to hear something very horrifying and troubling.  I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach, my heart was racing, and my knees began to shake a little.  I thought, "Oh God, this doesn't sound good."

I also felt that the reveal was beginning to wear on Jennifer.  She was already upset over hearing that the paranormal team may had done a blotched cleansing, but hearing everything about the Hat Man nearly sent her over the edge.  I was really worried about how she would handle what we were about to hear.  One thing that everyone should know about my wife is that her love for our family runs deeper than anything in the world.  She can't stand to see any of us suffering and she'll do anything to ease the pain. She is, without question, the most amazing person I know.

"The next person is a female and to me she's a big problem." Amy said.  As soon as she said that I knew she was talking about the screaming crazy woman.  I remember reaching under the table and grabbing Jennifer's hand, squeezing it tightly as we were both beginning to tremble.

I knew what we were about to hear wasn't going to be good.  Amy told us, "...She effects the living in many different ways...she'll take the energy from the living to feed her own energy to keep herself up." All the sudden we realized that all the fatigue, depression, health issues, and lack of self-motivation was caused by the crazy screaming woman.  Amy listened to all the health issues that we've had since we've lived here.  There were times that everyone one of us were sick for days on end and the doctors couldn't figure out why.  Jennifer talked specifically how her health had deteriorated since moving here.  She told Amy how she was in great health, but since living here she's had vitamin D issues, gallbladder removed, depression, fatigue, and stomach issues.  I could hear Jennifer's voice tremble as she began to realize that all her issues were because of the crazy woman's attacks.  .

Steve then begins to tell Amy about the video that I shot in the kitchen of the drawer. (Click here to see the full Video in blog entry, "The Storm Intensifies.")

After watching it, Amy looks at us and asked, "Have you had physical phenomenon going on prior to the other experiences?"

I told Amy about the time the butcher knife flew off the counter and caught me across the arm.  I told her the cut was so deep that I probably should have gotten stitches but was hesitate to do so because I'd have to explain how I got the cut where I did.  I showed Amy the scar from the cut.  Steve then showed Amy the picture that Jennifer took shortly after it happened.

"Dammmnnnn, that would be more of a poltergeist phenomenon than a deceased individual" said Amy.

I could immediately feel Jennifer sink in her chair after hearing that.  I knew she was really starting to have a difficult time holding it together with everything we were hearing.  I put my hand on her knee and could feel her trembling.

Jennifer after hearing about the poltergeist phenomenon.

Steve asked Amy if she got anything on the crazy woman in life.  All Amy could say was that she felt the woman died fairly recently.  Jennifer began to tell Amy about a family friend who recently passed away. Steve showed Amy the picture and asked if the woman was her.

"No, but she's here right now trying to warn you about this other woman." Amy said as she looked at the picture.

Steve then told us about Etta (Davis) Peters.  Etta died on the property in the early 1900's.  Her death was a mystery as no death certificate or record of her death exists other than a brief obituary.  He showed us a 4 or 5 line obituary for her.

Steve asked Amy if Etta could be the woman in the house.

"Yea, I think she is." Amy answered.

I did some research and found that Etta is buried at Providence Church Graveyard which is about 3 miles from our house

Amy then tells us about the dead people that are standing behind Jennifer.  She looked at Jennifer, and said, "There are seven dead people behind you.  They're all trying to warn about about someone who is hurting one of your girls.  They're saying that a living person is molesting the girl who sleeps in the back bedroom."   Amy said they're frantic about it and are trying to protect her from this person but can't.

"Who?  Who's doing this!?!  Do they know who it is?"  I angrily asked Amy. 

"It's someone she knows and they're taking advantage of her trust but they don't know who the person is."  Amy tell us.

Naturally since Heidi is in the back bedroom we think it's her.  My mind starts to run wild.  I think of about all the people she comes into contact with at school and at her gymnastics practices.  A picture of every person starts going through my mind.  It's like a slide show; a photo line up.  The pictures were moving so fast that I had trouble concentrating on what Amy was saying.

I immediately feel like a failure as a husband, father, and protector.  Someone is hurting my child and I want blood.  I want to beat them with my bare hands and leave them for dead.  I want them to suffer.

Amy begins to tell us all the things the crazy woman can do.  She first goes after us physically and then goes after you mentally.  Slowing sucking all the energy and sanity out of us until we're nothing but a useless shell.  After she's drained that person of everything they have, she'll  move onto the next person.  You would build yourself back up then she'll come back and do it all over again.  It was a never-ending vicious cycle.  She'd nearly kill us but leave enough life left in us for the next round.

As soon as Amy said, "She's kind of fixated on the man of the house", I knew exactly what she was talking about.  I knew deep down that the crazy woman was like this but I just didn't want to accept it.  I thought I had stopped her from being obsession with me but I didn't realize that she was "extremely jealous of anyone who gets his attention" as Amy said. 

Jennifer looked at Amy, "So everybody here."

Amy shakes her head and says, "yea and when that happens she tries to lash out, violently."

It was scary to think that someone was so fascinated with me that they wanted to hurt my family.  How do I stop someone such as her? She so obsessed with me and I can't do anything.  Restraining orders don't work on the dead.  Why was she fascinated with me, it's not like I'm the greatest looking guy.  I guess it was because I was the only guy around. As I had mentioned in the blog before, I knew she was like this but I didn't realize it was an obsession.  This was a nightmare, like a paranormal fatal attraction.

Amy told us what she saw in the back bedroom, something very disturbing took place there.  She said she did have it sketched.

Steve opened the envelope and pulled the sketch out.  All he said was, "Sorry" as he put it down in front us.

I overcome with emotion.  I couldn't really speak as so many thoughts ran through my mind.  Angry, failure, fear, and anxiety all rushed through me like a fright train as I struggled to hold it together.

Jennifer leans forward and says,  "And this is is in the back bedroom."

"Yes", Amy replied.

The sketch of what Amy saw in the back bedroom.

"That's Heidi's room", Steve said.  "Why's she going after her?"

Amy pointed to Heidi in the picture and tells us that she feels that Heidi is a PK (Psychokinesis) Agent and that to a dead person is "like the fucking Energizer Bunny."  Amy continues to tell us all the things that Heidi is capable of doing as a PK Agent.  However, Heidi is not aware of her abilities but she does knows she's different.  She doesn't realize how or why she's different and certainly doesn't understand how to control her abilities.

Amy told us more of why the crazy woman was going after our daughter.  "...and she's jealous of her! She kind of wants her out of the way." 

"Out of the way in what manner?"  Steve asked Amy.

Then Amy said to us the last thing that any parent wants to hear, "like get rid of her.  Like if she died she would be ecstatic."

Everything we heard was overwhelming.  I was angry and scared; I was ready to fight.  My family was in danger and I had to do something.

The toll this took on Jennifer was too much.  She finally reached her breaking point.  "I feel horrible.  My heart hurts."  she said after hearing everything.

All we could do was hold each other.  Try to collect ourselves and regroup.  We lean on each other anytime we hit a rough patch in our lives.  Being there for one another and gaining strength from each other is how we coup.  It's how we survive.

We had to stop filming as Jennifer started to hyperventilate.   She was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably.  Emotions were pouring out of her.  Seeing her like this was heartbreaking, all I could do was just hold her and ensure her everything would be okay.  We would get through this.  We took Jennifer outside to on the back porch.  I practically had to carry her because she was so distraught.  As I walked her outside, I could see some of the crews eyes watering up.  The emotions of what just happened effected everyone.

Steve was absolutely amazing.  It seemed as if his police training kicked in as he treated her like a victim.  He knew exactly what to say to her.  Without his help I don't think we could have continued with the reveal.

We finally collected ourselves and told the producers we're ready to continue.

Now we know what had been torturing us for nearly 8 long years.  We told each other if Amy told us to leave, we were leaving that night.


  1. I'm so sorry.

    For your whole family. It hurts to read this, I know how much that hurts someone.

    Sending positivity and good vibes your way!

    1. Thank you! This entry was the most difficult one to write because it was like reliving that night all over again. Even though it's been 2 years since our Reveal, the memories of it are still fresh in our minds.

    2. Oh Lance and Jennifer, I'm sending hugs to both of you. Simply horrific you all dealt with this stuff. You are right Lance it is like a virtual fatal attraction. I had an encounter with deceased dead guy that you hit home on. Also, your Jennifer is from a physic perspective a sponge that the love is so intense for her family, and the pain she feels is palpable. And you too Lance. You both are the most amazing strong parents and partners. I don't believe had you not been, would you have made it through this. And honestly, I didn't know about the warnings coming through for your daughter.I was abused by a swim coach at 14-18.I work with victims now.As a victin and a psychic, it can be disturbing what you see and hear.Im praying she is safe now. Thanks to Amy and Dad and mom I'm sure. So,as I read the blog I guess you got the answers you need on that subject?

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, we did get answers to the subject-took awhile but we got them. This entry was very difficult to write as it brought back a tidal wave of emotions. Jennifer and I talked about this entry before it was posted. We decided it was important to share even though it was difficult to talk about. When we decided to share our story, we wanted to be as transparent as possible. We felt that was the best way to help others.

  3. In light of the recent Larry Nassar scandal, and changes to SafeSport, I hope we can make positive changes for all our children and feel confident in the adults who instruct them. I hope your daughter is getting the help she needs.

  4. wow, truely a nightmare I most definitely would not want to be a part of.

    1. It was all a very emotional and terrifying experience that we never want to relive.


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