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We are native Texans living in NW Missouri near the small town of Kearney.   We live on a 15 acre ranch/farm we named Mis Mas Tejas Ranch.   We raise and breed dogs along with horses.  Jennifer is one of the premier breeders in the Midwest.

We both grew up in Texas very close to one another but never knew each other.  When we finally met in 1993 we knew we were meant to be together.   We figured why waste time and decided to get married just after knowing each other for only 2 months.   Our love story was beginning.

We became an instance family, as Jennifer had two wonderful boys from a previous marriage.  In 1995 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Londyn.  In 1998 we were blessed again with another beautiful daughter, Chloe.

Due to job promotions and opportunities we moved all around Texas living in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Corinth (Dallas), and Tomball (Houston).  While living in Tomball, we were blessed with Heidi (b 2004) and Emiliana (b 2007)

We were growing tired of living in the Houston area as the traffic, weather, and crime begin to take it's toll on us.  Thankfully in 2008, an opportunity to move to the Midwest presented itself and we jumped on the chance.  Jennifer packed up our entire house pretty much by herself and just a week before Hurricane Ike hit the Houston area, she and the girls headed to Missouri.  

We had the choice of where we wanted to live just as long as it was close to an airport.  Jennifer found a place in NW Missouri.  It had everything we wanted; land, barn, a pond, lots of trees, and creek running through it.  It also had some unwanted things too-paranormal issues that we were unaware of.

We moved into our home in November of 2008 and experienced our first real winter.   For native Texans, that first winter was a challenge but now we're pros at it.

Nearly 14 years later, despite all the issues we have had, we still live in the house.  We are slowly turning into "our" home.  Londyn and Chloe have moved on with their lives and both live in Nashville.  Londyn is married and works in the music industry.  In April 2018 she blessed us with our first grandchild.  Chloe is a talented photography who is making a name for herself and  graduate college in December 2019.  Our two boys, Kyle and Kendall, both still live in Texas,  Kyle is a petroleum engineer and Kendall works in the music industry.   

The rest is history but it's history in the making as our love story continues.

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