Sunday, August 16, 2020

You Never Feel Alone

When you experience something such as what we have, it changes you.  It causes you to question everything you have ever been taught, as well as everything that has ever happened to you in the past.  All the sudden those past events in your life begin to make sense.  You begin to realize that you are never alone.  Once you begin to grasp and accept that concept, your perception of the world around you changes...forever.

The reality of this change really hit me hard when the Reiki was working on getting rid of the crazy woman.  I had never really allowed myself to think about the details or specifics of her situational reality.  All I knew was that I was tired of her and wanted her gone from our lives forever.  It wasn't until we started the "getting rid of the bitch" process that it truly hit me.

She was extremely vocal as the Reiki started her work.  She was very frustrated that the Reiki could only sense and feel her presence but couldn't hear her.  That just added to her anxiety and she started screaming at her.  It was deafening, causing a ringing in my ears.  Once she realized what was going to happen, she began to panic.  As Amy mentioned during our reveal, she wasn't really in the mood to leave and started to fight back.  

I finally caught a glimpse of her world, another dimension I guess is the best way to describe it.  It was as if I had opened up enough for her to share what she was dealing with since she passed.  Her world is a continuous day that is stuck in time, moving but not moving forward.  It was a constant sunset with clouds moving in front of the sun as stays frozen on the horizon.   She had no concept of yesterday, today, or tomorrow.  No days of the week, no month, or even what year (although I felt the strong sense that the year was the year she died.)

The most shocking thing that I learned was that she no concept of time whatsoever.  "Time" was like a foreign word to her that had no translation.  Even though she had a never ending sunset, there was still not time of day associated with it; no hours, no minutes, no seconds   This was difficult for me to comprehend, even as of today I still have difficulties grasping it.   Her world was a continuous loop around her and she could move freely inside it but could never truly escape it.

After all these years of not understanding, I finally accept the fact that there is more out there than what we know or accept.  We are so caught up in what we think is "right" that we fall to look beyond our own thought process.  What we deem as an logically explanation for something does nothing but hinder our spiritual development and understanding.  We become pigeon holed in our conception of reality that we fail to grasp there are so many dimensions out there.

If we could just open ourselves up to the fact that there is something beyond us, I feel that we could all move freely between these dimensions.  Those on the other sides having figured out how to come into ours but we refuse to allow ourselves to believe in theirs.  However, given that we don't truly believe in theirs means that they can only be a mist, orb, voice, or shadow.  Giving us that feeling that we're never alone.

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