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Question From A Reader : "Did your experiences make you want to be a paranormal investigator...?"

The next blog entry in our story is coming soon so please subscribe to alerts or bookmark and check back!  In the meantime here is a question we got from a reader.   We always welcome questions and do our best to answer them all.  So don't be shy!

"Did your experiences make you want to become a paranormal investigator and how has your experiences changed your views on the paranormal?"

This is a question we get quite often but have never really answered in any detail.   The short answers are:  No, we're not interested in becoming investigators and yes it has changed my views.

Let me address the first part of the question.   We are in no way qualified to be investigators and don't really have a desire to do so.  Our experiences were horrifying.  It was a long 8 years of slow torture for us.  The thought of investigating and possibly bringing something home that would be more evil than what we already experienced is not a risk we wish to take.  Plus, like I said, we are not qualified to be investigators and I never want to make a mistake that would put some family in danger.  That's what happened to us-a team who didn't know what they were doing just made our situation worse. (see blog entry:  We work with The Dead Files and we're here to help..well sort of)

The answer to the second part of the question is yes, it has changed my views of the paranormal.  I must admit early on in our haunting I was in denial.  I always tried to figure out a logical explanation for what was happening.   It took the lady screaming in my ear one night to change all that.  I could no longer explain stuff away and I had to face the truth that something was indeed happening.

My whole thought process regarding the paranormal has done a complete 180.  I do believe.  It also made realize that the experiences I had in my childhood were in fact paranormal.  Now my thinking is more open minded and broader.  For us, as human beings, to believe that we are the only game in town is egotistical and na├»ve.  There are so many things that we don't know or that science cannot explain.  Just because not everyone has seen it doesn't mean it's not there.  Our experiences has made me question several things I was taught, learned, or accepted as fact.  It has also made me think, "why can't that happen?"

We are still learning and working on understanding our abilities.  That's a slow process but we are getting better at it. 

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Temporary Safe Haven

After the incidents the week prior to filming our Dead Files episode, we decided we had no choice but protect ourselves with some very extreme measures.  Keep in mind, we are frantic and terrified by the recent events and are open to trying anything we can think of.

"We need to get out!"

I overheard Jennifer say this as she was talking to Jeremy Cook, our producer at Painless Productions.  Thankfully, Jeremy agreed and we started packing our things to go to our neighbors.  It was a quick 'get only what you need' type of packing and we did it at a frantic pace.  We were out of the house in less than 30 minutes.

We were so lucky to have some great friends who took us in without hesitation.  They were so kind to allow us to invade their home.  They took care of our girls while Jennifer & I caught our breath in order to process what had just happened.

"Everyone is getting baptized!"

"There is something evil in our house!  It's trying to kill us!" Jennifer said,  "Everyone is getting baptized!  Today!"

This was the only thing we could think to do to protect ourselves.  Jennifer called our minister briefly explained what was going on and he agreed to meet with us that afternoon.  I kept thinking to myself no one in the religious community has believed us before so why would they start now?   However, i figured it couldn't hurt and maybe it would bring us some peace of mind.  Jennifer wanted everyone baptized which meant I had to pull Chloe out of school; in the middle of exams.  Needless to say, she was not happy with me when she came to the school office and we didn't talk as we drove to the church.

When we got to the church, Jennifer and the girls were waiting for us with the minister.   We went into his office and all sat down.  He could tell we were exhausted and frantic.  He patiently listened to our story but I could tell he was having a difficult time believing it.  Hell, I would have a hard time too if I wouldn't had experienced it.

It always seems that religion falls back to the Bible when it can't explain how or why something happens, 'It's God's will', "have faith", or "We know from the Bible, that can't be."  This meeting wouldn't be much different.  I remember when we told him about the screams and the dead people we would see, his response was Bible driven.  "When you die, you either go to hell or heaven, you don't hang around.  The Bible tells us that Jesus was the only one to rise from the dead so what you're experiencing can't be happening."   After that, I knew trying to convince him would be a waste of time.  I knew what I heard, I knew what I had seen, and it certainly wasn't Biblical.  I sat silent as Jennifer talked and finally convinced him to baptized us.  I remember saying a silent prayer to myself, praying that this would bring us some relief.

A Safe Haven

We took Chloe back to school and we told her that we were staying at the neighbors until we felt safe enough to return to the house.  She said that she was going to be staying with a friend which was fine.  The paranormal experiences at the house had really divided us, especially our relationship with Chloe, so it didn't surprise us that she wouldn't want to stay with us.

Our neighbors were so wonderful to us.  They took us into their home, helped talked care of girls, feed us, and gave us a feeling of safety we hadn't felt in so long. For the first time in a long time, we slept.

We knew that the Dead Files was to start filming in the next couple of days.  We needed to go back to the house (especially to clean it up) but for now, we just wanted to rest in the safe haven of our neighbors home.  Even if it was only temporary.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Question From A Reader: "When Amy gives her recommendations...?"

As I continue to work on the next blog entry in our ghost story, I wanted to take break from it to answer this question we got from a reader.   I hope to have the next entry posted by the end of the week!

"When Amy gives her recommendations, she mentions people to contact for help 
(like Chaos Magician, Physical Medium, Reiki Master, etc).  Does she also 
give you names of people you can contact? Or are you left to find someone 
on your own?"

Amy is very prepared for the reveal.  Since her walk happens very early on in the process she does her homework while she's waiting for the reveal.  She is very meticulous during the reveal and takes notes at a furious pace.  My thoughts are that she does this so she can recommend the best people to interact with the personality of the clients.  She's prepared to recommend people if it needs to be done but she doesn't endorse anyone in particular unless she has worked with them in the past.  I feel she does all this because she knows the reveal is an overwhelming & emotional experience for the clients; at least it was in our case.  Our heads were spinning afterwards and she sensed that.  She gave us a name of a Reiki who could help us.  After trying to find people on our own without any luck, we were finally able to reach the Reiki Master Amy recommended.   That person was then able to set us up with a medium to and was also to recommended a Reiki for Heidi to use.   Without Amy's initial recommendation we would still probably be searching.  Another thing that I feel is important, if Amy gives you the name of someone, you can trust that the person is of high standards and integrity.  That was comforting to us.

I can only truly speak from our experience but some other clients have said the same regarding Amy's recommendations during the reveal.

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Question from Blog Reader: "Have you reached out to other families that have been on Dead Files?"

We love getting questions about our experiences because it give us an opportunity to share everything we have been through.  Our goal continues to be to share what happened to us in hopes of giving others strength to face their own issues.  Answering questions is another way to do just that.   The next blog entry in our story will be coming soon!

Also, the poll is still going regarding doing a live Q & A session.  Please be sure to vote below.

Here's a question that come from a blog reader.

"Have you reached out to other families that have been on Dead Files?"

Yes we have.  We are actually in touch with several.  All of the families featured on The Dead Files share something in common; a traumatic experience that was difficult for other to believe or comprehend.  We support each other, share our stories, and share the things we've done to make our lives better.

When of the things we talk to each other about is the reveal.  It's only about 10 minutes of the show, but it can last well over fours.  It's emotionally draining and you hear things you don't want to hear but in the end you hope it gets you closer to some sort of closure.  The hard part comes when The Dead Files leaves, that when the work begins.  However, you can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone we've talked to has said the crew of the show was great.  Respectful, fun, helpful, and believed.  They don't just film and leave, they keep in touch with you.  That means a lot to us, the clients.  The fact that they continue to support & help us is what makes them different than the other shows.  They sincerely care.

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

We've made it easier to submit questions too!  Just Fill out the "Contact Us" Form on upper right.

If your question is for one of us in particular, please say who it's directed to.   Also, we won't publish your name unless you specifically ask us to do so.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Semana de los Muertos - Quinta Parte

Alright, so now I am sufficiently horrified by the day’s events.  I continue to safeguard the kitchen and house securing anything sharp in the drawer.  Lance comes into the kitchen telling me he’s chilly and then returns to the open bedroom.  He puts on a blue flannel shirt and buttons it up mostly.  I’m busy so I don’t realize how weird this is for him to say, as he is always hot natured, and we are the ones freezing.  I am now ready to go to Grandma’s when I see him staring out the front window.  What he says shakes me to the core.  Lance is a typical jock type of guy not fancy in words nor stance.  He is 6’ tall weighs around 220 lbs.  He is a burly man with plenty of manly hair covering his chest and face.  He is NOT formal by any stretch of the imagination.  However, as I look over to him wondering why he has stopped packing to stare out the window, I notice this; while standing and peacefully looking out our front window which oversees most of our yard, with hands folded neatly behind his back, he says this to me.  “You have a very lovely place here.”  My heart drops to the floor, my nerves tense up in panic mode again, I know 100% this is NOT my husband.  Thankfully my phone was right in front of me on the bar charging.  “Thank the Lord!” I thought.  I turned on the video on my phone to catch what would come next.

Okay so here I stand trying to act cool while this strange man is in my house and no one else is around to save me.  I am scared shitless!!!  Onward through the fog I go, aiming the camera at him, as he continues to speak to me in a very proper unfamiliar phrasing of words flowing from his mouth.  After he tells me how beautiful my property is while staring out the window he carefully turns around while remaining put in front of the window.  He looks around the room at everything on the mantle and walls and then tells me you have a very nice home.  He is now walking toward me in the kitchen where I stand at the bar recording his every word.  Thankfully he is back a few feet, or I may have pissed myself.  He walks a straight line as he joins me in the kitchen.  He asks me if he could trouble me for a cup of coffee.  I of course say of course and ask him what he would like in his coffee.  Very confused by my question he says with a curious look on his face, “I would like it in a cup please, Thank you.”  I agree and walk over to the coffee pot to get away from him.  He begins to pace slowly by the entryway to the living room admiring our decorations and walls and kitchen, looking up and down happily.  I ask him if he is here with anyone else.  He says no and tells me he likes my home.  I ask him where he is from.  Luckily the video remains of this part of the story.  He tells me the story of his life where he was born and how he came to be here now.  I am not feeling safe and suggest that we go outside.  He agrees and says, “Yes I would like that.”  and then starts walking closer into the kitchen stops and says.  “I’d like that coffee now.”  I then tell him “yes of course” as I quickly try to think of a way to get him to go outside.  “I can make you some coffee outside” he seems to be appeased by this idea and we start to head out of the kitchen when the coffee pot Beeps loudly.  He is startled and confused by this sound and looks all around turning in a circle trying to find the reason for the strange beeping noise he hears.  He then looks directly at the coffee pot.  Again says “I would like that coffee now.”  Looking as if he knows I’m stalling.  “Let’s go outside!”  I notice he is looking at the drawer that I had put all the knives in, still standing in right in front of them.  I tell him “Why don’t you come over here by me?”  “I want you to come over and stand by me!”  He walks slowly over to me but keeps his distance and tells me this.  “Oh no I would not be comfortable with that!”  I ask him why not?  “that would not be proper as you are a married lady with a man in your home and we should not be alone in the house together.”  He returns to the entry of the living room and stares at Maya, Lance’s guard dog.  He is smiling at her and she is not alarmed seemingly sprawled out on the floor with her chest showing.  I ask him if he likes my dogs.  He looks straight at Maya and says this, “I like this dog!  She is beautiful.  She has a Cross on her chest!  Her mother was killed by coyotes!”  and chuckles weirdly after his statement.    Well now I am very freaked out and tell him “I am going to go outside to get your coffee.”  As I go through the kitchen to the front door he follows me, and I am glad…that is until he reaches for the doorknob to open the door for me and then stops suddenly.  He stands completely in front of my exit and says “I don’t want to go outside anymore.  I like it better in here!”  As I feel my “fight or flight” instincts kick in, my heart skips a beat, as I look up at him and see a wicked little smile.   He stands seemingly larger and blocking the door to my escape.

I think to myself…. I’M OUT!!!!!

I turn and walk as quickly as I can to my back door and get the hell out of there!  My cell phone in hand and my fingers calling 911 Emergency to call the cops to come protect me as now I feel I am in danger.  My fear remains although I feel safer because in my house is still a rifle and the knives that could potentially kill my husband who currently is nowhere to be found in his normal state.  As I stand by my front gate calling the police I hear a voice.  The 911 operator ask the typical questions for a traumatized woman.   “911 what is your emergency?”  I explain I need the police to come to my house because my husband is in danger.  “Where is your husband?”  “What is going on?”  I try to explain that he is not himself and that we have a rifle and knifes in my home and I am afraid he could get killed.  “Are you okay Ma’am?  Did he hurt you?  NO!!!  Are you safe?”  Yes!!!  Please just hurry before he gets hurt!!!!  Please hurry!!!!”  By this time, he has walked out the back door and is walking to the pond.  I am more afraid now, so I flag down the first man I see coming out of the neighborhood across from ud.  He sees my horrified face, tears rolling down my face and quickly comes to my aid.  I tell him my fears and beg him to run into the house to retrieve the rifle before Lance returns inside the house.  He runs to grab it and returns safely.  I beg him to stay with me until the police arrive because I am shaking and trembling barely able to stand at this point.  I am bawling uncontrollably loudly fearing my husband will be hurt or killed by whatever is controlling him.  Finally, the police arrive and I call Lance’s mother to return.  I tell the police he is in the back somewhere walking around.  I tell them what has happened today bits and pieces.  They think I’m crazy and asks me the typical questions.  “Has your husband started new medication?”  NO!!  “Has he ever hurt you?”  NO!!!  “Has he ever hurt himself?”  NO!!!  Please just go get him and make sure he’s safe!!!   Okay Ma’am.”  Some police go to find him, and another takes me outside the gate to safety.  By this time Lance shows up walking to the front yard and the cops stop him and handcuff him.   Poor Lance is totally alarmed as he “woke up”/returned to his body, standing in front of our pond with Maya in the water jumping on him and barking loudly trying to stop him from walking into our pond.   The police took Lance to the ambulance and they checked him out medically.  He was fine, but they wanted to take him to the hospital for an evaluation.  Knowing what that meant I refused and promised to drive him myself as he was now coherent and was not happy they were of course not believing anything he or I said to them about our day.   To prove I wasn’t lying to the police I showed them the knife in the wall and the words written all over it.  I also told them about the larger knife that had cut him previously as it flew and stabbed into the same place lower on the wall.  Most likely due to the weight of the bigger knife.  I pulled it out to show the police and they both stepped back quickly and told me put the knife down.  I did of course and apologized saying I was just telling them the facts.  They were scared but now wanted to return outside for their own safety.   I assured them I would take Lance to the hospital and they left.  Out of all who showed up to help, only one ambulance guy listened to Lance’s story and believed him.  We did not go to the hospital.  We went inside and got our stuff while Mother in Law waited for us and we drove across the street to see the girls and thank or wonderful neighbors for coming to our aid during this horrific, awfully scary, life threatening day.  They were so gracious and offered their home to us for all our safety.  They knew I would not be able to leave all my precious dogs in that horribly scary home we could no longer stay in.  After a few days Lance and I returned home allowing the girls to remain with the neighbors as they were far too afraid to return home.  We went through our home and collected all impending dangerous items that could potentially hurt our family.  Took them over to our neighbors’ house until after we felt we were safe from harm.  That would be several weeks to months later, after The Dead Files helped us and after we were able to remove the dangerous spirits who were intent on harming our family.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Semana de los Muertos-Cuarta Parte

After Lance’s Native American Chanting, I took him back inside the house.  He is completely distraught, so I tell him just go sit down on the bed.  Everything is ok just sit down and relax.  He does as I say and lies down on his side of the bed.  I then ask Emi to stay by her Dad and ask her Guardian Angels, whom she hears and speaks with, to protect her daddy and keep him safe.  She hurries over to his side and sits on the bed with him, worried sick about her daddy and prays to her angels.  Meanwhile I go with Heidi and tell her to call Grandma right away and tell her to come over.  While I’m doing this, I hear Emi scream horrified from the open bedroom and find her crying in the foray as I run back to check on her and Lance.  She is shaking with fear from the way her father looks.  Lance is now smiling with eyes squinted his face looking different and his head turned looking at us both speaking in some type of Indian language.  Strange words are flowing from him as he smiles at us happily.  He didn’t sound scary, but it was NOT my husband we were all completely scared out of our minds.  What to do now?  My protective instincts kick in much stronger now as both of my girls are clinging to me and crying in the foray as we all witness the freak show sitting on my bed.  I immediately tell Heidi to grab a blanket and Emi and run over to our neighbors’ house who are across the street in the neighborhood.   In all my turmoil this morning I discover, as the kids are running for their lives to our front gate, a customer showing up to drop off their dogs for me to babysit.  They of course see the terror in our eyes and hear the extreme fear in my voice as I beg them to please take my kids to my neighbors across the street.  My customers being completely confused and worried ask me what’s wrong?   I just repeat my request louder and tell them to take them for me now please I must get back to Lance.   Thankfully they do as I ask.

So now I must go back into my house not knowing what I will meet after I open my front door.  Lance is still sitting on the bed smiling thankfully, so I walk past him and go to the bedroom and call my mother in law.  I tell her to get over here immediately that I need her now and that Lance is NOT WELL.  She tried to get some answers and I told her “GET HERE NOW!!!”  Okay so I come out of the bedroom and check on Lance.  I had walked through the kitchen and nothing was out of order; this will come in later in the story because of what happens next.  Lance is still on the bed or whoever that Indian was.  Meanwhile my neighbors have returned drove in the driveway and are very concerned.  I am telling them what has just happened when my mother in law arrives.  I tell them I must go and will fill them in later.  Very worried they drive away and my mother in law drives in.  I tell her to go sit with Lance and give her a short idea of what is happening.  I put the visiting dogs in the back with my pack and return to the bedroom.  By now Lance wakes up and now is very surprised to see his mom sitting on the bed beside him.  Again he panics and stands up to pace and begins to feel sick and nauseous.  He goes outside to vomit.  When he returns he appears himself but extremely confused and worried.  He asks, “where are the kids?”  I told him all that had happened and he nervously, with panic in his voice, asks “did I hurt anyone?  Are they okay?” I assured him they were not hurt, only scared, and were safely across the street with the neighbors.  I ask his mom to sit and help calm him down while I call the school to let them know why the kids were not there.  I call the school barely able to speak for the fear I’m struggling with and telling the person who answered to put my friend, Debra on the phone.  She asks me, “what do you need?”  I repeat in a panicked louder voice filled with tears and fear “Put Debra on the phone!!!  I need to talk to Debra!!!”  crying though my words.  Alas I hear my friends voice.   “Hi Jennifer,  this is Debra.”  as I start talking I begin to have trouble due to my hyperventilating as I tell her what is going on and the kids will not be at school today.  “Jennifer, Jennifer, slow down I can’t understand you.”, she says.  I try to calm myself and tell her again.  Now I am crying and screaming in fear realizing what all has happened.  “Jennifer are you hurt? Do you want to me to call the police?”  I replay, “no they can’t help me! Debra can you please come over!!!” She says, “well I am working so what do you need me to do to help you”.  My immediate response is “Nothing unless you can come over!  Lanita is here and is helping me with Lance.  He is better now.”  “Okay well call me if there’s anything I can do.”, she says as we hang up the phone.  I try to calm down and stop crying so I can return to Lance.  

My mother in law suggest that we all pack our things and come stay at her house for a while to ensure our safety.  Lance seems himself, so I take her into the bedroom to tell her about the incident with the knife that had flown across Lances arm in the kitchen and cut him.  She told me she was aware of this incident.  I didn’t know but needed her to take the situation seriously.  We came out of the bedroom with me in front and we walk into the kitchen again.  I am turned backwards to her as we are talking about when we’ll get to her house.  She was adamant we come immediately and not to delay.  Lance and I agree and tell her it’s okay for her to leave.  She goes home to wait for us.

I begin to pack some clothing for all of the girls, Lance gets his things and sits on the bed baffled at what we have told him.  I return to the kitchen and as I walk into the kitchen I notice a steak knife stabbed into the wall.  I am< of course< quickly set on guard to anything that was to happen next.  The knife was stabbed into the wall under the bar which coincidentally has the bed with Lance sitting on it on the other side.  I call to him horrified to come look at what I have now found.  As we look at the knife I notice red ink and the words “DIE DIE DIE DIE” written from small to very large letters all around the knife.  The words took up about 2-3 feet all over the wall where it was written around the knife.  OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!  WE’RE OUT OF HERE!!!  I took photos of this horrid sight for documentation and then removed the knife.

The knife in the wall with the words of warning.

Another angle of the knife in the wall.

I decided that maybe if I had the knives in a drawer it may make it harder for them to fly around the house like they had done 3 times prior to this.  All knives and anything else that could kill us, scissors, skewers and knives were enclosed in the drawer beside the dishwasher.  I needed to protect my family at all cost.

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