Saturday, June 24, 2017

Voices, I hear voices, voices, I hear voices

Activity really been to pick up steam at a furious pace once the kitchen incident happened.  The saying, "Things that go bump in the night."  had a whole new meaning for us.  We heard unexplained sounds, saw stuff out of the corner of our eyes, and at times could hear voices.  At this point there is no denying that something was happening, but what it is remained a mystery.

We decide that getting evidence of some kind, documenting it, would help convince not only others but ourselves as well.  It would help convince ourselves that we were actually sane and not about to have to check ourselves into the funny farm.

We had already starting watching paranormal shows in hopes to getting some advice.  Maybe we could find something similar to we were experiencing.   At the time, our options were limited to Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, and stuff that we found on YouTube.   Other programs seemed staged and not helpful at all.  YouTube was filled with, for lack of better word, crap.

Ghost Adventures was the go to show for us.  We started watching before they turned into big celebrities and were really all about documenting & researching.  We thought if we know what we're dealing with than maybe we can get rid of it.

Our first attempt was EVP's.  Asking names, who was here, why were they here-just basic questions.  Nothing hateful at all.    The first one we did was in the back bedroom in what was Londyn's room (now Heidi's room).  I started by asking those basic questions but got nothing.   Londyn then asked, "do you like my cat?  do you like playing with her?"   We played it back,  low and behold,  we heard a male voice say "Noooo" very calmly right after Londyn asked the question.  My heart sank and I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared.   That was more EVP's that day.

Now there was no denying that we had an issue.  There was no one in Londyn's room except for her, myself, and one of the younger girls.  There certainly wasn't another male in the room.  The question now was who else is here and why.

I decided to try another EVP session but this time I would take a different approach.  Instead of asking questions I would just record and go about what I was doing.   Late one evening I went out to feed our chickens and the dog that protected them.   While I was taking care of the dog, I heard a voice repeatedly say "thank you, thank you, thank you."   It wasn't hostile though but it scared me to death.  I immediately ran back to house and we all listened to the recording and sure enough, there was the voice.  It sounded like an older man, possibly African American.  We were in shock about what we heard because no one was there with me.   I was still shaking and scared but I tried to play it off like we found a pot of gold.

I got my courage back up to try to get more documentation and started another EVP session in the basement.  It was a Saturday morning and I was finishing up some work related things.  I decided to try to see if I could get something on tape.  I put my phone on audio record and begin to ask simple basic questions..."is there anyone here with me?"..."Can you talk to me?".   Nothing...just dead air.  I tried again, asking the same questions.   This time I heard something on the recording.  It was garbled, sounded like a chant of some kind.  I made sure it wasn't a voice from upstairs as sometimes they carry into the basement but everyone was quiet and busy doing other things.  Just as I was about to play it back again when all the sudden I could feel someone breathing on my neck and then a growl in my ear!!!

I ran like hell out of the basement and into the bathroom where my wife was taking a shower.  I was panicked and could hardly breathe.  I was talking a mile a minute...rambling at light speed. Thankfully, Jennifer was able to calm me down.  I was able to explain what happened and had her listen to the tape.  Her immediate reaction was "That sounds demonic!"  

Even though I was scared, I felt as if we were finally starting to figure out what was going on.   We continued to watch the shows and do research on the internet.  I found that there was just so much stuff out there and trying to determine what would work vs what wouldn't along hose who were credible vs those who were just out to sell snake oil.  It was overwhelming and frustrating.

The novelty of this was starting to wear off.  It wasn't fun and everything was starting to change for the worse.   Something was here and it was getting stronger and we were getting weaker.

We needed help but had nowhere to turn.


  1. Also paranormal lockdown is a great show to get ideas I love them and find them to have really good ideas without pissing off the spirits also if u do have a twitter any and Steve are on there and actively answering questions good luck

  2. We follow both Amy & Steve on Twitter. We actually have been in touch with Amy on a somewhat regular basis and plan on seeing her when she comes to Missouri in the fall. We tend to shy away from shows now as we are all still recovering from what happen, Heidi & Emi in particular. The shows tend to scare Emi and she has had flash backs to our experiences (even though she doesn't watch them but she can sense them).

    1. Is your daughter a sensitive.?

    2. Hi Barbi-All of us are sensitives. Each one of us have a little difference in our abilities. So it can get interesting sometimes. We've learned to respect each others abilities and if one person says something is happening, we don't question it.

  3. I'm completely understand I've had my own expirences not to the hell you both are living to but I can relate. Paranormal lockdown isn't to bad in the cheap scare what happens is they stay in a location for 73 hours doing investigations like any and Steve but a lot of new age equipment to document. Which I know u guys are trying to do. Also have you tried to get in touch with a near by collage sometimes they have a team that studies the paranormal that can help you with your investigation. Don't worry no one things your going crazy as I said . I look forward to reading your blog and seeing any resolution on here if you need anyone to talk to as well. And it's good to hear they have been keeping in touch and looking to come out best of luck

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