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When we decided to share our story, we had 3 goals.  1) Get help for ourselves 2) Start the road to recovery from our experiences 3) Give others hope, strength, and the courage to come forward and get the help they needed.

Putting yourself out there for the world to judge you is just as scary as a haunting.  You don't know whether or not people will accept you or judge you.   That's why a lot of people suffer in silence.  That's a terrible and dangerous way to live.

Part of helping others is to make ourselves available to speak about our experiences and what we did to get back to a somewhat normal life, answer questions, help paranormal teams to do a better investigations that a more client centric, and provide hope to those suffering; inspiring them to get help.

If you are suffering and have a simple question or just want to vent to someone who can relate, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  We'll do everything we can to help.

We don't claim to be experts in the field of paranormal but living through what we did makes experts in survival.

If you're interested in booking us.   Please email a brief summery of what you would like, along with your name, contact information, and organization to

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