Sunday, May 28, 2017

Party Crashers

We made it through our first winter & we seemed to be adjusting to our new life.  The girls had made friends and liked school.   I was enjoying everything about being on the ranch/farm and we named our place Mis Mas Tejas, which, according to Jennifer, somehow translates to "Just Like Texas",

Our place allows us to do things that we could have never done in suburban home.  We can have chickens, horses, have as many dogs as we want, grow crops, etc.  We could also have bonfires which was very exciting for our girls.

Despite our hopes of Londyn outgrowing the "lady in her room" stage, she hasn't.  She still talks about the things that are happening.  Voices, footsteps, and the feeling of someone sitting on the bed. She continues to not sleep well and claims the lady is waking her up.  She's beginning to be afraid to be in her room but stays there despite the things she claims are happening.   My wife and I dismiss it once again and we make sure she's is taking her medication.  Trying to find a logically explanation for something when you haven't experienced anything is easy to do.

It was getting close to birthday season at our place.   Three of our four girls have birthday's very close to each other.   We decided to do something big for Londyn and Chloe since this was their first birthdays here.  Bonfires, BBQ, games, and a movie projected on the barn.  We tell them they can invite as many people as they want and of course being teenage girls they take advantage of this.

During the parties, the atmosphere started light.  Bonfires were roaring and everyone was having a great time.  Londyn's party was a huge gathering with lots of kids all over the place.  The atmosphere slowly started to turn heavy and was getting tense.   I was in the house getting some things as a young girl came into the kitchen.  She said, "how did you get in here so fast?"  "I've been in here for a while", I told her.  She had a puzzled looked and said "then who was that guy walking up the driveway and went behind the garage?"  As no other adults were at the party and I ran outside to see who it was.  I went up down the drive, back up it, and behind the garage.  Nothing, no one was there but the girl was adamant that someone was there.  She described him as tall, walking slowly.  She couldn't tell what he was wearing but was positive it was an adult.  While I trying to find this person, I could feel the heaviness, I was anxious and not because it was some stranger, it was a different type of anxiety. I was uneasy and started to feel like someone was watching me.  I recalled having this feeling before as I was growing up.  The feeling that someone else is there but when you look back, no one.  I told myself I was caught up the moment and tried to dismiss it as maybe it was just a kid from the party.  However, I knew in my soul what it was.  Something was there and it was watching, I just didn't want to admit it.

Chloe's party was just as large as Londyn's.  Lots of kids.  Everything was great until we came into the house.  That heaviness was back and even though the kids were having fun, I could feel it.  Once again I tried to put it out of mind, "I'm tired" I thought.  I told myself to relax.  That heaviness feeling turn to a feeling that someone else was there, watching and trying to reach out.

Cake and ice cream, happy birthday was sung, presents where taken.  A day or so after the party, Jennifer and I looked at the pictures.  We knew at that point something was here, there was not mistaking it.  It validated all the feelings I was having.

If you look on the brick, just left of top center, you'll see some kind of image.  Also, to the right, something hovering on the head of the kid in the green shirt.

On the top center of the picture, you'll see an object  We thought it could be from an reflection from the picture as it's just above the picture reflection however we took another picture the next at the same time with the same lighting and the reflection was there was no image

Someting in the doorway next to the kid in the green shirt again.

Something just above the doorway to the left.  It appeared that the orbs stayed close to the boys.

Something on the kids upper right arm

Something on the girls forehead in the corner to the left.  Also, some kind of image that could be face looking

At this point, other than feelings of heaviness and uneasiness, nothing has happened to anyone else but Londyn.  However, that was about to change.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Beginning

I remember looking at pictures of the place in 2008.  Jennifer had found what was our dream;  a farm house on some land close to an historic town.   It had everything we always dreamed of having.  A barn with horse stalls, a pond, and lots of trees on 15 acres.   Jennifer and the girls we're very excited and the place was priced to sell.  I agreed to buy it based solely on pictures and description on the internet.  The first time I saw the place was after we closed on it.

Living in the country & a true winter environment was new to us.   We moved in during November and it was already a cold and snowy winter.  For the first time in my life I had to shovel snow. Now I completely understand why people have heart attacks doing that task!

Our oldest daughter, Londyn, took the back bedroom.  She was very excited because it had a bathroom, albeit a small one.  If you saw our Dead Files episode, you know that the back bedroom is not a very friendly place.  Londyn, who was 13 at the time, started to experience things.  She was having trouble sleeping and when she did sleep, she said she would have vivid dreams about a woman being in her room and touching her.   One time she came out of her room crying and screaming, saying people were banging on her window and yelling "Let us in, Let us in!"

My wife and I took it as an wild imagination and she was just adjusting to a new place and school.  We figured it would just pass once she become more comfortable & made friends.  However, things didn't pass.  She would tell us stories of the woman in her room.  One time she said the woman was sitting on the bed when she came into her room.  She said her face was shallow, eyes dark, and there was an overwhelming degree of sadness in the room.  She would tell us that the woman would wake her up, hold her down, and scream at her.

At this point, my wife and I became concerned.  We decided to take her to a psychiatrist.  Of course a psychiatrist would never believe in anything paranormal  and prescribed medication.  Things however didn't improve, as a matter of fact they got worse.  Her fatigue increased, she was moody, she started having health issues.  Some days were good, some were not and she was starting to have more bad days than good ones.

Thankfully, she started to make friends and made the cheer leading squad.  However she still talked about the woman.  She told us one time when she was sick, the woman woke her up and told her to take medicine.  One time she slammed the door and screamed at her.  The stories seemed to all over the place and were inconsistent.

At this point my wife and I were at a loss.  We weren't sure what to do but she was feeling better and we thought if ignored it, she would out grown it.

That was the furthest thing from the truth and it was only the beginning.

Our Story

May 6th of this year, our family was featured on The Dead Files.   Our episode was titled Hell in the Heartland

It garnered a lot of interest and people having been asking for more of our story.

This blog will give you our story from the start to were we are now.   I will try to make entries as often as possible but there's not going to be a set post time.

You are also welcome to ask and post questions.  We will be more than happy to answer.

Hope you enjoy.

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