Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Beginning

I remember looking at pictures of the place in 2008.  Jennifer had found what was our dream;  a farm house on some land close to an historic town.   It had everything we always dreamed of having.  A barn with horse stalls, a pond, and lots of trees on 15 acres.   Jennifer and the girls we're very excited and the place was priced to sell.  I agreed to buy it based solely on pictures and description on the internet.  The first time I saw the place was after we closed on it.

Living in the country & a true winter environment was new to us.   We moved in during November and it was already a cold and snowy winter.  For the first time in my life I had to shovel snow. Now I completely understand why people have heart attacks doing that task!

Our oldest daughter, Londyn, took the back bedroom.  She was very excited because it had a bathroom, albeit a small one.  If you saw our Dead Files episode, you know that the back bedroom is not a very friendly place.  Londyn, who was 13 at the time, started to experience things.  She was having trouble sleeping and when she did sleep, she said she would have vivid dreams about a woman being in her room and touching her.   One time she came out of her room crying and screaming, saying people were banging on her window and yelling "Let us in, Let us in!"

My wife and I took it as an wild imagination and she was just adjusting to a new place and school.  We figured it would just pass once she become more comfortable & made friends.  However, things didn't pass.  She would tell us stories of the woman in her room.  One time she said the woman was sitting on the bed when she came into her room.  She said her face was shallow, eyes dark, and there was an overwhelming degree of sadness in the room.  She would tell us that the woman would wake her up, hold her down, and scream at her.

At this point, my wife and I became concerned.  We decided to take her to a psychiatrist.  Of course a psychiatrist would never believe in anything paranormal  and prescribed medication.  Things however didn't improve, as a matter of fact they got worse.  Her fatigue increased, she was moody, she started having health issues.  Some days were good, some were not and she was starting to have more bad days than good ones.

Thankfully, she started to make friends and made the cheer leading squad.  However she still talked about the woman.  She told us one time when she was sick, the woman woke her up and told her to take medicine.  One time she slammed the door and screamed at her.  The stories seemed to all over the place and were inconsistent.

At this point my wife and I were at a loss.  We weren't sure what to do but she was feeling better and we thought if ignored it, she would out grown it.

That was the furthest thing from the truth and it was only the beginning.

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