Friday, June 16, 2017

This was open, and this was open, and this was open...

Now that I have experienced something, I was a little on edge.  However, like everything else, the anxiety of the experience began to fade with time.  My misguided logical mind decided to takeover   "It  must had been a radio alarm that went off."  or "Maybe a computer was left on or even a cellphone ringtone from someone leaving their phone behind."   My mind came up with the excuse for the scream and I bought it hook, line, and sinker.

I continued to work in the basement, like nothing had happened.  I'm good at shutting things down and focusing on my work so that's what I did.  Nothing else happened so I figured my logically brain was right.

Emi was still at home at this point as she wouldn't start school until the next year.  It was nice to have her home and she seemed not bothered by anything going on.  One morning, she came down into the basement and asked me to come upstairs.  Since I needed some coffee, I was more than happy to.   As we were going upstairs she keep telling me about the cabinets in the kitchen being open.  I didn't think much of because people left them open all the time.   As we got to the kitchen a couple of cabinet doors were open and I said to her, "yeah, someone left them open."   She said "they were all open".   She went around the entire kitchen and said,  "This was open, and this was open, and this was open..."  She even pointed to ones that she couldn't even reach as well as to the dishwasher, oven, microwave, and refrigerator.  I dismissed it and thought nothing more of it.  It was just her overactive imagination .

The next morning started like all the rest.  Getting coffee, check my phone, and check emails.  I was reading an email as I made my way down stairs to start the day.   As I got to my desk, I realized I forgot my coffee.  So I went back up stairs to get it.  As I got to the kitchen, I saw it.   I saw what Emi had seen.  I wasn't even gone 5 minutes and every single cabinet & drawer were opened.  Along with everything else.

What I found when I went back upstairs to get my coffee. 
It all happened within less than 5 minutes.  I tried to take a picture...blurry.  I tried to take another one...blurry again.  Changed the camera settings on my phone...still blurry.

Emi was awake in her room, I asked her if she had been in the kitchen.  She hadn't, she hadn't heard anything either. She went into the kitchen told me this is what happened yesterday.

Now I've experienced 2 things.  My mind was racing.  I was thinking back to other unexplained things that had occurred since we moved here.  One came to mind very quickly.  It was regarding a TV in the girls bedroom.  Every time we turned it on, the volume would become very loud and we couldn't change the channel.  I took a look at it, thinking it might a dog or something was walking over the remote (logically brain at work again).  When I turned it on, the same thing happened.  The sound turned all the way up and at first I couldn't change the channel.  I finally got the volume turned down and was able to change the channel but now I couldn't turn it off!!!  I figured, okay unplug it.  Maybe it just needs to reset itself.  As I was about to pull the plug, the channel changed back to the original channel it was on and the volume begin to increase.  I unplugged it but the damn thing was still on!   I plugged it back in and it sparked and turned off.  I told the girls to leave it unplugged.  I thought it had just "given up the ghost" but how could it stay on for nearly 5 minutes after I unplugged?

Now everything was starting to make sense and logical thinking was out the window.


  1. Holy only....I'm soooo loving your story... You sir are Brave!! I'm so happy Amy and her team helped you!! I'd be so worried for you!! Ima continue reading. Keep it coming! :-)

  2. Oops ... *meant to say the "Holy Moly" expression* dang auto correct lol


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