Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hi, I'm Maya & I'm here to protect you.

It's now winter at Mis Mas Tejas Ranch and the activity is pounding on us like a hammer.  The cold dreary days just add to our fear and anxiety.

The girls no longer sleep in their bedrooms because they're too afraid.   Jennifer sleeps with them on the couch.  The girls are sick most days and are starting to miss a lot of school.  Jennifer's health is also trending downward.

The activity is running at full throttle now.  So much so that's it's hard to single one thing out versus something else.

A woman screaming
Children laughing
Things flying through the air
A man laughing and yelling
Doors slamming
Spoon traveling to who knows where and then returning.
Light bulbs having to be replaced weekly.

It appears that some of the activity is now targeting and trying to cause harm.   We have knives that disappear then we will find them stuck in the ceiling.   We will find our silverware scattered all over the kitchen floor.  However, the scariest things happen in the basement.

I went into the basement late one afternoon, while there the door slammed shut.  It slammed so hard that it knocked off some of the pictures off the wall upstairs.  I was terrified and I ran as quickly as I could to the door however, I couldn't open it.  Jennifer and Chloe were on the other side trying to push it open but when we would get it opened just a little, it would slam back shut.  Finally without warning, it just flew open.  I got out of there as fast as I could.   We decide that the basement is off limits-no one is to go down there.

One day Chloe tells us that her boyfriend found a stray dog and he wants to keep it but he has to ask his parents.  Until he can do that, he want's to keep the dog out our place.  The last thing I wanted was another dog at the house.   My answer is "negative Ghostrider, the kennel is full."  However, at my house, I'm like the Queen of England;  I'm the Head of State yet I have no authority.  My no vote on the dog is overruled by Jennifer.  Just as I thought, his parents say no.

She's a unique looking dog.  She appears to be part Husky and German Shepard.  She has one brown eye and one blue eye.  She's well behaved and we quickly learn she's been trained to be some sort of service dog.  I find it very strange that a dog like this would just be wondering the streets. She obviously belongs to someone.  I post everywhere but no one knows who's dog it is and no one claims her.   She becomes a member of our family.   We name her Maya.

Hi, I'm Maya.  I here to protect you.
One thing I noticed right away about Maya was that she likes me a lot.  She stays by my side and always wants to be around me.  I get the sense that she wants to protect me.  She sleeps in the room with me, she lays next to me when I'm sitting down, she'll follow me around when I'm outside.  She stays within eye sight of me nearly all the time.  Also, she can sense where I am when she's not with me.  If I would go down in the basement, she would figure it out and would run down there to be with me.  She was protecting me.

If something was around me, she would perk up.  Look around and sometimes have a low growl.  She would do this until whatever was around me was gone.   One time, in the middle of the night, I was awoken by a door shutting.  I didn't think much of it as I thought it was just one of the girls.  I soon heard heavy, slow foot steps.  It was someone who was wearing boots and the steps & strides made me think it was a man.  Maya jumped on the bed and laid across my chest  I was petrified with fear but I watched as Maya's head followed every step.  When the footsteps stopped she jumped down and ran to the place where they stopped.

The front of Maya's tag

The back of Maya's tag.  Blessed are those who protect.

I always thought this dog was sent to protect us, now I know it's true.  Her tag reflects what she does for us.


  1. So sorry that you and your family had to endure these BULLIES!! Maya is your protecter she is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Meaghan! Maya is a great dog and she nearly always with me. I truly feel safe with her around.


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