Saturday, February 24, 2018

Question From A Reader: "how bad was the headache and nausea before this happened...?"

As you all have noticed, we finally got "Semana del los Muertos-trecera parte" finally posted.  We appreciated everyone's patience while we worked on it.  The good news is the next installment in Semana del los Muertos is done and just has to be formatted for as a blog entry.  So it will be posted in the next couple of days!

We've also gotten some request to do a live Q & A session.  So, I've decided you, the readers, to decide.  Just vote below.

Here's the question we got as well as the answer.

"how bad was the headache and nausea before this happened? Or did the possession happen while you were asleep/unguarded?"

The events of the Thursday before filming is a blur of memory loss.  Some of the things I remember, some I don't.

I remember getting Emi ready for school just as every other day, nothing special about it.  It was bright & sunny as well as somewhat cool for that time of year.  Just as Emi was finishing her breakfast, I started getting a headache.  I thought it was just a caffeine withdraw headache because I hadn't had any coffee yet.  However, the headache started get worse & worse and I felt somewhat dizzy.  I told Emi that I was going to lay down for bit.

The next thing I know I was standing in by the front door with Jennifer asking me if I was okay.  All the sudden a rushing headache was followed by vomiting uncontrollable.  I had no idea of how I got to the front door or anything that happened up to that point.  It was an awful feeling as well as a confusing one.  The headache faded just as quickly as it started and I felt normal but a little tired.

Every single event followed the same pattern; a developing headache progressively getting worse, a period of blackout, and then a rushing headache followed by vomiting.  

So, to answer the first question, the headaches started slowly and the after shock headaches were one of the worse I had ever felt.  Regarding the second question, I was awake and everything was normal until the headaches started.  Looking back at it, the headaches were the indicators that something was about to happen.  The confusion and disorientation that followed was also overwhelming because there's a period of time that I cannot remember or account for.  That's a terrible feeling.

I don't necessary feel that they were a possessions.  I feel as if they were more of a message being delivered.  As far as what those messages would be, I have not idea.

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