Saturday, July 27, 2019

Talk In A Small Town

Filming of our Dead Files episode had ended.  We worked through the pain of ridding ourselves of the entities who had terrorized us for nearly eight long years.   We were slowly getting our lives back as well as  learning and understanding our abilities.

After the experience with the paranormal team that helped turned our lives upside down, we became withdrawn.   We did not go out much, we did not talk about our experiences and we stopped trying to figure out what was happening.   We, for lack of better phrase, given up on all hope.  This was our new way of life and death would be our only escape.   We suffered in silence.

Even though we accepted the fact that being on the Dead Files and putting our story out there was our only hope, we were still nervous on how we would be viewed in our small town.  However, as I said in an earlier blog post,  this was our last chance.

When filming ended in early June of 2016, the producers of the show asked us not to talk about the our episode-no media, no social media post, no telling friends.   They said the Travel Channel likes to keep future episodes under wraps until the show is scheduled to air.    Our producer said it could up to 6 months before the airing of our episode, maybe even longer.

We welcomed the break.  We need time to recover and gain control.  So we had no problem being quiet.

Then it happened.  The local paper got wind that the Travel Channel had filmed in Kearney and ran a brief article about it.   The news of a haunted farm in the area caused quite a stir and everybody wanted to know where and who it was.   Thankfully, the producers didn't disclose it was us when the reporter pushed them for more details.  We were keeping our end of the deal too because when the article was published we were still working on getting someone one to come and help us.


Small town news is mostly gossip, small town politics, who is doing what and local high school sports.  Our town is no exception.  That means sometimes, you have to dig to find an interesting story.  That interesting story was who was going to be on the Dead Files.  At first, everyone thought it was going to be the Jesse James Farm.  That seemed like the logically choice given the history of Kearney.  However, the farm adamantly denied it was them and speculation begin to run wild on who it was.   As any good reporter would do, she started to dig.  Asking around, talking to people in the community, reaching back out to the production company.  People who knew we had issues started asking if it was us.  We didn't need the attention so we said it wasn't.

The reporter continued to push and speculation began that it may us started again.  I really thought if we just stayed quiet this would all calm down, but it didn't.   I knew I had to do something so I called the reporter.   I told her it was us and we were just trying to live a quiet life.  We were still recovering from everything.   We needed time to heal.  I gave her a very high level overview of what we had been dealing with for the past 8 years.   I made a deal with her that if she backed off we would give her the first interview once we were clear to talk about our show and experiences.  She agreed and things calmed down for us.

Now we could get back to the most important thing; recovering from what had happened to us.

We were still withdrawn, beaten down by eight years of unknown things haunting and terrorizing us.  We were tired, confused and looking within ourselves for the strength to continue.   As time went on, things improved but we were a long way from whole.  Just because the filming had ended and we followed Amy's recipe, the pain of the experience didn't go away.   We needed time and the break gave us that time.

That year long wait between filming and when our episode aired was the most critical time for us.  It meant getting back to good.

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