Monday, December 30, 2019

Question From A Reader: "You said they did a good job at telling your story in a 45 minutes show, what parts didn't make the cut?"

"You said they did a good job at telling your story in a 45 minutes show, what parts didn't make the cut?"

They shot over 80 hours of footage and some things just didn't make the cut or just didn't flow with the story.  In the end, I think it was a very good "Cliff Notes" version of what happened to us.  I remember when we were talking to our producer and he had an outline of how he thought the show would flow.  We knew that trying to cram everything that happened into our episode would be impossible but his outline was pretty much spot on.

After our episode aired, we got a ton of questions.  Everyone wanted to know what else happened and the "behind the scenes" part of the story.  We did our best to answer each and every question but it become very difficult to keep up with each and everyone.  A friend suggested we write a book.  That was a great idea however there was one problem with that; who would write it and how would it get published?  He then suggested a blog. I did some research and decided that was a more realistic option.  Hence, this blog was born.

There were a lot of things that didn't make the show.  So much so that it would be impossible to mention.  I can tell you that nearly everything that did not make it is answered here in our blog.  Since it's been so long since the filming,  I truly cannot remember everything we talked about.  Also, Jennifer and I were not involved with any of the other interviews.

One thing I am disappointed about was that Steve was portrayed as being skeptical and condescending in our episode.  Granted, he asked some tough questions but none of his other side was shown.  He was very caring when speaking with our girls.  He treated us with respect and many times during filming had casual conversations with us about our ranch and our lives.  The thing that I will always remember is how he treated us when Jennifer had her breakdown during the reveal.  He was so compassionate and caring.  The fact that none of this made the episode made it appear that he was being rude to us.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyway, below are some videos of portions interviews that did not air in our episode.

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