Saturday, July 4, 2020

Did you just slap my ass?

Living in a small house with an open bedroom means there is not a lot of privacy, especially for Jennifer and me.  So, when we get a opportunity to get some "quality time" together, we need to take it because we don't know when it will present itself again.  One day in particular we had a chance and we took it.  

Jennifer had just put Emi down for a nap and I was taking a lunch break.  A touch lead to a kiss, which lead to an embrace, which lead to us quietly sneaking into the back bedroom and locking the door for some afternoon delight.

It had been awhile since we had some adult time together so there was a lot excitement and passion.  We were really getting after it and maybe this type of activity creates a lot of energy.   We both could sense something, or somebody, was watching us however we were too caught up in moment to really care.  It had been so long for us so we really didn't care if somebody was watching.  Too each their own, I guess.

I want to say that I recall jokingly saying something along the lines of , "you can watch but you can't join.  Not looking for ghostly threesome."

"This moment is for us, not you", I added.

As our bliss was ending, or ended I cannot recall, the room was weirdly calm.  Of course we both still wanted more but alias it wasn't meet to be.  Hey, it had been awhile, remember?  I was laying on top of Jennifer with her on the bed and me standing on the floor and as I was lifting myself up, it happened.  Out of nowhere someone slapped my ass so hard it sounded like a firecracker had just gone off.  

"Did you just slap my ass?", I asked Jennifer.

"No, I didn't, I swear, but I heard it!", she responded.

Even as I was asking the question, I knew it could not have been her as she still had her arms around me with her hands on shoulders.  I immediately jumped up and looked around the room.

"Oh my God!  You have a huge hand-print on your ass!"  Jennifer said excitedly.

I immediately turned around and looked back into a mirror.  Yep, there was a big red hand-print that nearly covered one of my ass cheeks.   Holly shit, I had just been slapped on the ass by a ghost, I thought to myself!  

Of course Jennifer found this totally hilarious.  

"Maybe, it's telling you to get back on that horse cowboy." ,  she said as she laughed.

Needless to say, I was not too happy with what had just happened and certainly wasn't pleased with the big hand-print on my ass.   It literally took over an hour for it to start fading.   That should tell you how hard I got popped.

Looking back at this experience, I'm still not sure what to make of it.   Was it the energy we created?  Was it a jealous spirit that didn't like me making love to my wife?   Maybe it was spirit that saw an opportunity to have some mischievous fun?   Who knows why it happened and thankfully it never happened again.

In the end my ass healed and we got to enjoy some playtime together, so the pleasure was well worth the pain.   

Sorry folks, no pictures of that hand-print on my ass.


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