Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Losing Control & Hello Charley!

After the EVP's, things started happening on nearly a daily basis.  Jennifer would wake up with bruises that looked like someone had grabbed her, I started sleep writing-channeling an individual, my phone all the sudden would say I was in in Wyoming and all my location settings would reflect such and...things were starting to move on their own.   We are starting to lose control of our house.

Jennifer waking up with bruising was disturbing, mostly because the bruises were something that would have awakened her from her sleep.  One night, she woke in panic because something grabbed her legs, lifted them up, and then slammed them back down on the bed.  I also had a similar experience while sleeping as I felt someone grab my ankles and jerked me forward.  I was pulled down toward the bottom of the bed nearly a foot.

Bruising on Jennifer's Arm

Scratches on Jennifer's shoulder
Image in top right hand corner. We tried to duplicate it thinking it may be a reflection however nothing showed up in additional pictures.

Things were starting to move on their own.  One afternoon, I was working in the dining room (during the show it's the open bedroom) and a toy airplane from the girls bedroom zoomed by.  I put it back and told who was ever playing with it that it was okay.  A few moments later-zoom!  Although it was a toy, it scared me to death!  I did capture it on video but sadly don't have it anymore (more on that in a later blog)

We were starting to hear things.  Tapping & hearing things move.  We weren't sleeping and the girls were beginning to feel bad, nothing major-just under the weather type of stuff.   We would feel things lightly touching us.  We were tired, scared, and getting concerned for are safety.

It was at this time I started sleep walking and writing in my sleep.   I would get out of bed, eyes closed, grab a red pen (always red) & paper and start writing.  Jennifer would watch me and said I was writing fast and in cursive. After I was done, I would put the pen back and go back to bed.  When I woke the following morning, I had no clue what had happened.  I read what I wrote and it was fascinating.  It was like someone was telling a story through me.  Like they were writing their biography.  The first one was about 2 pages long and written in a style and fashion that I have never written in before.  Although I was intrigued by what I had done, I wasn't concerned.  I have always walked in my sleep and done things.  This wasn't anything new.  I dismissed it as just being tired and stressed.

Jennifer was more curious about the writings.  The story I was writing about was a man by the name of Charley Reynolds.   It was very detailed and he even used his nickname "Lonesome Charley" in describing himself.  Jennifer decided to do some research and my thoughts were "good luck, that's a common name".   After a little while Jennifer found something and it was exciting!  As it turned out there was someone named Charley Reynolds and he did have ties to our area.

Charley Reynolds A.K.A. "Lonesome Charlie Reynolds" A guide for the 7th Cavalry.
Charley Reynolds served as a scout and guide in the military in Kansas & Missouri.  He was killed in in June of 1876 at the Battle of Little Bighorn.  He was also a buffalo hunter and trader.   Charley was telling his story through me!  In multiple sleep walking/writing sessions, he described his life in great detail.  He was very Pro-Union and hated his nickname.  He talked about his first meeting with Custer, his time in the military, his political beliefs, and his adventures. He talked about his compassion for Native Americans and how he was disgusted by their treatment.   He describe the events leading up to the battle.  He knew what was to come and he felt it only fitting that he would die the way he did.

The events in our house are now become more and more prevalent.   We know now it beyond our control and we need he help-serious help.

Jennifer and I weighed our option.   We decide to find someone that will validate and help us get control back.

Now we just have to figure out who.


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  3. Sorry for the deleted comments! I asked a question but didn't realize I had more to read lol! Thank you for great detail! You help me so much with my own experiences! I am able to help others as well thank you for sharing! I hope I'm not blowing up your feed with all my comments - I simply cannot be more grateful! You have so much courage! Sharing for those of us who seek advice/help and really do need it! You Sir, are a Blessing! 😇

    1. The main reason we are sharing our experiences is to help others who are experiencing the same things. Sometimes people suffer in silence because of what other may think or for fear of being judge. That's a terrible way to live. So we hope our story gives others the courage to come forward and get the help they need.


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