Saturday, July 15, 2017

Peaceful Illusion but Horrifying Reality

After the experience with the paranormal team, things seemed to calm down somewhat.  It also made me question myself.  I know that sounds crazy but after how rude and unprofessional they were, I began to question everything that had happened and was happening to us. Was it all in our minds, were we just paranoid, or were we just going crazy?

It didn't take long for those questions to be answered.

The calmness of our house was only an illusion.  Kind of like the calm before the storm.  It didn't take long for activity to really pick up and now it felt a little more sinister.  Gone were the days of just feeling scared and then getting over it a few days later.  We could feel the heaviness and our house was slipping into chaos.  Illness seemed to be a daily occurrence now.  Sleep was something that was a luxury instead of a necessity.  There was more arguing within the family.  It seemed as if there was something tearing us apart.

We had always saw shadow figures but now we were starting to see full blow figures who were attempting to communicate with us.  One time, Jennifer was in the kitchen and saw a figure of a man walking outside our house.  She could see him plain as day as he walked past window and window.   She naturally thought it was me.  Only one problem with that, I was inside.

After awhile, I started sleep writing again.  I was continuing to tell Charley Reynolds story however now it was one filled with sorrow and bitterness.  Through me, he was telling how the treatment of Native Americans was a travesty that would haunt our country for generations to come.  It would be a wound that would never truly heal.  The writings would always abruptly stop, sometimes in mid-sentence.  We would find hand written papers all over the over the house.  Then one day, the writings stopped altogether.  I admit that the writings fascinated me but they also scared me.  Would I act out an event from his life that would harm my family?  Looking back at it now, I think maybe I was beginning to control what was happening to me. Even though none of us felt threatened by the writings, it was best that they stopped.

I would usually take care of the horses at night to make sure they had everything they needed to get them through to the next morning.  One evening, I was in the barn and I was filling up water buckets, suddenly I heard a voice coming from the door.  "Hey, we were not done yet!".  I looked up and standing about 10 feet from me was a man!  He was short, clothes didn't fit him very well, and he looked disheveled.  His eyes were dark and I could somewhat see through him.  I was horrified! I didn't wait around to see what else he had to say.  I immediately ran back to the house as quickly as I could and I could hear the horse snorting in the background.  I was in a panic, I was having a hard time breathing, I couldn't get the words out about what I saw.   Jennifer was able to calm me down and I told her what I saw.   I knew it wasn't an actual person; it was something not of our world.

Jennifer and I went back to the barn.  The water was running and was spilling out or bucket, the lights were still on and everything seemed calm.  The horse was relaxed as if nothing had spooked her at all.  I, however, was not calm or relaxed.   What I saw really shook me up as this was the first time I actually saw someone (or something)

I had a hard time sleeping that night.  I felt as if there was someone there, watching me and waiting for me to fall asleep.  I felt as if there was someone outside staking us, just waiting for the opportunity to come inside.  I felt hopeless.   It's a terrible feeling when you feel you can't protect your family.

It felt like a door had been opened, well kicked in actually.  Our house was now being invaded.  We would see shadows and catch something moving out of the corner of our eyes.  Our lives had began to descend into a state of constant paranoia,  The slightest sound or unexplained movement would send us into a frenzy.

Even though seeing someone in the barn really shook me up, I continued to keep my evening schedule. Taking care of our horse was something I really enjoyed doing.  I just loved being around her as it made me feel calm and helped take my mind off what was happening in our house.  I went in the barn one evening and as I turned on the lights, I saw a man standing in the back doorway.  I could see him clear as day!  He was tall, dressed in clothes from the late 1800's and was wearing a wide brim hat.   He had his back to me and was looking out into the pasture.  I yelled, "what are doing here!?!"  I thought it was a real person, someone who was trespassing.  As he turned to look at me, I knew he wasn't a living person, his eyes were dark and face was pale.  All the sudden he just faded away.  I will never forget the look on his face.  It was one of violence and horror.  It was not a friendly look.  This guy wanted something and he would go through any means necessary to get what it was.

Emi was beginning to see people.  She was still young so the impression they made was not hostile, just unnerving.  Londyn was not feeling herself, she would not sleep and spent most of her time in her room.  Heidi was slowly beginning to change and she was starting to feel sick on a daily basis. Jennifer was beginning to have issues as well.   She had to have her gallbladder removed, her vitamin D level was dropping to a level that was so low that she had to put on a prescription supplement. Her hair was thinning and she was having stomach problems.  She was also having a hard time focusing and remembering things.  We spent a lot time in doctor offices, trying to find answers but nothing they did helped.  If they cured one thing, another thing would pop up.  The doctors had no explanation, no cure, answers.

All this was the beginning of more terrifying things to follow.  The horrifying reality was that they wanted us and they weren't going to stop until they got what they wanted.


  1. I seen the sketch done of this man and all I can say is your description of him is exactly right!


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