Sunday, August 13, 2017

Help us Dead Files

The screams of the crazy lady were happening more and more often.  It seemed everyday she would learn how to scream a little better than the day before.  We knew that she was teaching herself to do more things and we were getting scared.

One day Emi came to us and asked if someone was trying to get into her room.  She said that while she was sitting on the bed her door knob kept turning, like someone was trying to open the door but for some reason couldn't do it.  No one was near her one.

I took it as crazy lady was working harder now to learn new things which was frightening.  She was unstable.  An unstable person is dangerous, an unstable spirit is deadly.   How do you protect your family from something you cannot see and have now warning that's about to attack?  Short answer is-you can't.

Jennifer decides we need help but we've been through so much that we're not sure where to turn.  The bad taste is still there from the last paranormal team.   Bringing others in without knowing the who, what, and why of their methods scares us.  Will they help or just make things worse?

We decide to try to contact The Dead Files again.   Jennifer works on finding the real "Help Me Dead Files" submittal site and thankfully she finds it.   She tells them everything we've experienced and it's a laundry list of comically, heartbreaking, and terrifying things.   We have evidence now in the form of audio from Emi's video.  I had pretty much given up on ever find someone to help us.  Thankfully Jennifer didn't. My wife is an amazing woman and she is persist in protecting her family.  We click "submit", praying for a response this time; the right response.

A few days later my phone rings with a California number.   I let it go to voice mail because I don't normally answer numbers that I don't recognize from states which I don't do business.  I forget about it and go about my day.  I check it later and it's Desma from Painless Productions.  Jennifer & I were excited!  It was like getting a message that the cavalry was on the way!  It takes a couple of days of telephone tag but we finally talk to her.  We spend nearly an hour & half on the phone with her.  She's shocked by our story and tells us it's one of the craziest she's heard.   She asks us what we want to get out of the show.  Without hesitation we tell her, just help.  Help figure out what this is and how to get rid of it.  We've been through so much and scared it will seriously hurt or killed someone.  We just want a normal life.

Before we can move forward with the show, we had to sign releases and authorizations.   We took pictures of our house inside & out: talked to Desma via email & phone.  Then we waited...and waited...and waited.  Meanwhile, the activity is much more "organized", for lack of a better word. However, the thought of finally getting help from Amy & Steve calms us somewhat.  We feel there's finally hope of living a normal & happy life.

Desma calls us one day to tell us that the show has completed the filming for season 7.  The Travel Channel has not told them if the show will be renewed or not.  She does tell us they are very interested in our story and if it is renewed they want ours to be the season 8 premiere. Problem is, there may not be a season eight.

We were heartbroken.  We go from the excitement of getting help back to the hopelessness of living in our own horror story.

The house was starting to feel darker as if the dead knew that no one was coming to help us.  We became target practice for them.  They are about to punish us for trying to get help.

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