Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nice Trick...Now For Your Punishment

We were devastated after the Dead Files told us they were done filming and weren't sure if they were going to be renewed.  The feeling of hopeless was overwhelming as we were back to suffering through this alone.  The light of hope at the end of the tunnel had turned to darkness.  However, we were still holding out for open that the show would be picked up for Season 8 and they would choose us.

Everything that we do or talk about in the house is being watched by those in the shadows now.  They use it against us or to stop us from being on the show.  They don't like the fact that we contacted the Dead Files for help and they're angry.  They're about to show us just how much control they have over us and punish us for what we've tried to do.  To give you some sort of idea of what we're dealing with at this point, imagine being in an abusive relationship but you can't see the person or know when the attacks are coming.

The punishment started with a simple warning.  One day a bowl of dry dog food was sitting on the kitchen counter, Jennifer walked in to find the the words "Nice Trick" spelled out with the dog food. At the time, we thought it was funny but looking back I feel it was a message.  The message was that our attempts to get help was nothing but a nice trick to those torturing us.

The spoon is flying through the air at a regular pace.  During it return one time, it nearly hits Emi in the head as it flies through the living room into the kitchen.   The scream are happening all the time now and at all times of the day with no pattern as to when it happens .  Now new things are starting.   A screaming male has now joined the screaming crazy girl.

The new screams are angry.    It's a hostel scream, like a scream being made when someone is attacking someone or something. They come without warning and without any of us sensing its about to happen.  During one scream, Heidi and I are waiting in the Kitchen for Jennifer to come pick us up.  Nothing is on-no fan, no radio, no TV.  All the sudden a terrifying yell from a man that sounds like he's right on top of us!  It feels as if it pounding down on us.  The look on Heidi's face is terrifying and I try to laugh but my fear was also showing on my face.  "I want to get out of here", Heidi said.  I didn't debate her, we needed to get out.  We waited by the gate until Jennifer came to get us.

Things are opening, moving, and disappearing.   There's no logical explanation for any of it.  It's an unnerving feeling to experience this as you know you're losing control of your surroundings.  The kitchen seems to be the flash-point for all the new activity.  It then moves from there like a virus; spreading terror throughout the house section by section.

While Heidi was in the Kitchen one time she turned her back away from our bar table.  Without warning or a sound, she turns back around to find two bar stools stacked on top of each other, legs to legs.  She was standing less than six feet away and  her back turned for only seconds.

The bar stools in the kitchen.  Heidi is in the background.  She was standing at the edge of the counter when this happened.
It's as if the spirits are practicing for things to come.  Doors are opening on their own, things are being moved from their original places.  The spoon returns one time bent in half and now other things are starting to come up missing.  Knives are starting to show up stuck in walls and ceilings
This new activity is no longer confined to within the house now.  Doors are opening and being left open in the garage and barn.  Screams are happening outside and banging on doors and windows are now a daily occurrence.  We decide that no one is to be left alone in the house

The Spoon bent in half upon it's return.

Car Doors being opened and left open in the garage.

Another shot of the car/truck doors being opened and left open

Tractor hood & truck doors opened
We are being pushed, scratched, grabbed, and feeling sicker.  The girls are missing school due to feeling exhausted and being sick.   We are being pulled apart, arguing with each other for no reason whatsoever.  Jennifer's hair is thinning.  She's having stomach problems, and her vitamin D & Iron levels are dropping to dangerously low levels.  We have little strength left to fight; we're losing.

The punishment for trying to get help from The Dead Files is beginning.  

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