Friday, November 3, 2017

Picking Up The Pace...On Both Sides.

Late April 2016 found us excited, nervous, and anxious.  It also found us scared because it became very obvious that the activity in our house was increasing and whatever was torturing us had figured out exactly what was happening and who was coming.  Filming was scheduled to start on May 25, 2016 and we weren't even close to ready.

The crazy woman seemed to be getting more and more unstable.  She was frantic, angry, and demanding.   I couldn't keep her or her voice at bay any longer.  One night while I was sound asleep, I woke up to a breathing on my neck.  It was cold, like someone was holding a block of ice over me.  It was so cold that it burned.  When I opened my eyes I saw what looked like a shadow but my eyes hadn't focused enough yet so I couldn't tell exactly what it was.  All the sudden a woman's voice yelled so loud it echoed in my head.  "STOP THEM!"

I jumped out bed terrified and looked back to find Jennifer sleeping peacefully.  I thought maybe it was just a bad dream but I then felt a cold wave push through me and I became freezing cold.  I was so cold that I was shivering uncontrollably and I started to feel sick.  My nausea came on quickly and I made it to the bathroom just before I started to vomit.  As I was cleaning myself up, I noticed my fingertips were blue and I had a mark on my neck where I felt the cold breathing.  What I thought was just a dream actually did happen.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep the rest of the night.

The spoon had started traveling quite a bit now.  It would be gone for days and it would come back a little more violently.  It would slam down on the floor, hit a wall, or come back bent and mangled.  One time it came back wrapped around one of our own spoons.  We would never question the spoon's actions but the fact that it was wrapped around the other spoon had us nervous.  We placed it back on the counter and about an hour later it was gone again however our other spoon was still there.  It apparently unwrapped itself and disappeared.  This replaced our nervousness with fear.  I was starting to also feel Charley Reynolds again.

Female footsteps were now following the screams of the crazy woman.  Even though she was the most active, others were starting to make their presents known.  One morning while Emi was getting ready for school, she came into the kitchen telling us she saw a little girl in the hallway.  She said she was dressed in an "old timey" dress and her hair was messed up.  She looked sad like she was lost.  Emi said she tried to talk to her but she just disappeared.  Emi seemed more confused than scared.  I think it's because children sometimes see things differently than adults.

I could hear more voices than ever before and none of them were friendly at all.  Blocking out the voice of the crazy woman was now getting harder and the other voices, although faint, were nearly impossible to silence at times.  I could make out names sometimes-Johnny, David, & Jim.  They were angry, talked of violence, injustice, and tragedy.  However, sometimes they spoke of remorse but they never spoke of why they were remorseful.

Shadows and voice are now a part of our everyday life.  Each one of us see something different and it makes it hard to piece the events together because nothing is making sense to us.  We are walking around in a daze while trying to get ready for filming.   Painless Productions were moving fast and furious on the production schedule, however they were always respectful of our situation and what we were going through.  It felt like daily questions, updates, calls, and emails were coming at us everyday.  Trying to do both was turning us inside and out. 

It felt like the crazy woman opened a door to another realm.  It was reinforcements to help her in her twisted mission to keep Amy, Steve, and The Dead Files from helping us.

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