Monday, October 30, 2017

Holding on until the help arrived.

The news that The Dead Files was coming to our rescue had really lifted our spirits.  Our mood finally swung to one of hope.  For the first time is a very long time, we felt we were on the offensive.

When talked to The Dead Files in the Fall of 2015, it triggered some negative experiences.  It was like we were punished for contacting the show. (see Nice Trick, Now for Your Punishment).  This time around, Jennifer & I decided to take precautions.   We would try our best not to talk about the show or the fact that Amy & Steve were coming.  Granted, this was an extremely difficult task as we would get calls and emails from the show's producers.  However, thankfully it seemed to be working.  We could actually feel an air of confusion, not from us, but from the entities in the house.  We had a secret and the spirits couldn't figure out what it was.

Our assigned producer, Jeremy, from Painless Productions called to introduce himself.  Nothing earth shattering just a nice introduction and to schedule a time for all of us to talk.  During the next call, all of us shared our experiences and what had happened in the house.   He didn't want us to get into too much detail or for us to speculate what we thought was causing the experiences.  He just wanted a "guide" or "path" on where to start.  The call was really more about us and getting to know us as a family.

Jeremy told us that he would be flying in a couple of days prior to the production crew arriving.  He would be coming to the house taking pictures and getting an idea of the layout of house and land.  We also reviewed the production schedule which was daunting.  Filming was scheduled to begin in late May 2016.  There were a couple of days/night that we could not be at the house.  To further complicate things for us, we had to move ALL the animals off the property.  Amy is a huge animal lover and they were afraid that if the animals were there it would distract her during her walk and thus she wouldn't get a good reading.

Nothing makes you panic more than having your home about to be shown on national TV.  Our house had fallen into an unkempt disaster.  Our hearts, energy, and health weren't strong enough to keep our home up to the standards we were accustomed to in the past.  However, the thought of being on the show and finally getting help inspired us to at least get to the point of making things look better.

Jeremy's visit was somewhat overwhelming & emotional because for the first time someone really wanted to learn about our struggles and was willing to help.  So we poured out our hearts to him.  We told him everything but were able to keep things suppressed at his request.  The two younger girls, Heidi & Emi, were excited to share things with him.  Chloe was somewhat reluctant.  She was still in denial of some of the things and was upset that the experiences were taking away from her Senior year of high school.   She did speak with Jeremy but at her request did so privately.  Londyn, our oldest daughter, was still attending school in Nashville and would not be able to come home for the filming.  She was willing to do Skype but she wanted to do it anonymously.  The show's executive producers said no to that so that's the reason Londyn was not in the episode.

While Jeremy was talking to Emi in the the doorway of her bed something happened.   The crazy woman figured it all out and let a very loud and very angry scream.  It wasn't as much of scream as it was a yell.  Like a parent yelling at a child who was in trouble.

The look on Jeremy's face was shocking.  I said to him, "Surely something like this has happened before."

", this is the first time ever....that's a first", he said.

Our hopes of keeping this a secret from the entities that were torturing us had come unraveled.

The battle had begun and the spirits were turning the dial up to ten.  They wanted to stop Amy from coming and it came down to whoever was or them.


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