Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Reiki, Reiki...where for art thou Reiki

We felt a little more confident in our ability to fight after our visit to Aquarius.  We learned so much in that short visit.  It was like getting a degree in Metaphysical Research in 2 hours.  However, we still needed that first piece of our paranormal war machine; we needed the Reiki.  The Reiki was the key as we needed her to break the connection between the crazy woman and Heidi.  Without her, nothing would go as planned and may get worse.  Despite leaving a couple more of messages, we hadn't heard from her.

The other Reiki's we contacted didn't want anything to do with us after we dropped Amy's name.  Funny how all the sudden they weren't as good as they claimed to be and seemed scared of their own shadow.  I remember one Reiki telling us that this may be above the level of her abilities.

We started to do everything that was suggested to protect ourselves; burning incense, wearing the protection stones, salting, and praying.  We did everything but sage cleanse because we didn't feel comfortable doing it until we were certain we could do it correctly.  We had already seen what a blotched cleansing could do.  We didn't want to go down that road again.

The activity started to pick up as we did more things.  It had the feel of a final battle in a very long war.  However, the activity didn't scare us as it had in the past.  We knew who they were, what they wanted, and how they were going about their plans.  Knowing all this gave us the advantage we needed.

Our main goal was to protect Heidi at all cost.  We didn't leave her alone and no one, absolutely no one, was allowed in the back bedroom or the basement.  I know this sounds crazy but we thought of those areas of the house as still belonging to them.  Fighting them on their soil would result in strengthening them.

It seemed that everything was happening at once and things happened nearly day and night.  It seemed that the crazy lady was the leader of the pack.  She had brought in reinforcements from the path of dead walking in front of our house to help her.

"I am not leaving.  You cannot make me leave, you are not strong enough."  I heard her whisper in my ear one afternoon as I was cleaning the kitchen.

At this point, I knew I wasn't crazy.  Amy helped me see that she was real and was torturing us.  I started to answer back; out loud.

"I'm a hell of a lot stronger than I was bitch.  Etta, I know who you are and what you want now.  Also, I know how to get rid of you!  You time here is almost over!" I think this was the first time I had intentionally talked out loud to her. I made sure I knew use her name in order to prove to her that I knew who she was.  My voice was hard and stern.  I wanted my message to her to be clear that I was done with her

After I said that, the kitchen felt heavy.  A cabinet door next to me opened and slammed shut, the fluorescent light above the kitchen sink started to flicker.  It began to burn bright white right before it exploded.  Then I heard her scream out of frustration.  I finally felt like I had power over her.  I felt that I had an Ace in the Hole and that was the Reiki.

After this encounter I felt that I had the upper hand but the control was on shaky ground.  Jennifer and I talked and decided that we wouldn't discuss the plan in the house.  I felt if the crazy woman knew we were having trouble getting in touch with a Reiki, she was turn the tables on us.  I had already spilled too much information to her in my earlier response and that concerned me.  Going dark seemed like the best thing to do as it would keep her guessing.

The other activity was exhausting.  We would hear heavy footsteps at all hours.  Doors slowly opening and then slamming shut.  The spoon was now going on daily adventures.  When it returned, it was with harder force than before.  It would slam so hard into walls that it would leave indents.  One afternoon as Jennifer was sitting at our kitchen table, the spoon slammed into her glass of water, spilling the water and ice.

The most disturbing thing that was happening was the other voices and breathing sounds we heard.  I knew the crazy lady had the ability to call upon others to help her.   She was building an army and if we didn't do something quickly, we knew they would become too strong and we wouldn't be able to overcome it.

We needed a Reiki...and needed one fast.


  1. Wow. Not too many clients of mine would have your guts!! Jennifer should get an award for best mother. It's amazing Amy was your secret weapon against Etta and her minions. Fascinating read...

    1. Thank you! Not sure if it was courage or the fact that we were just at the end of our rope and finally had the knowledge we needed to fight. I will agree with you on the fact that Jennifer should win mother of the year. She has always been the cornerstone of our family.

  2. As a Reiki Master, I'm terribly saddened that you had such trouble finding someone to help you. Reiki works for the highest good. I make no guarantees about what Reiki will do for my clients, but not knowing if my work will result in the desired outcome would never stop me from making the effort.


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