Saturday, June 30, 2018

And The Work Begins

We woke of the next morning following our reveal and got to work.  Even though we were still somewhat reeling, we knew what needed to be done.  We also understood the need for caution as we didn't want bring in anyone who would do more harm than good to our situation.  We had to be careful because we were not allowed to talk about the show until it was closer to the air date, which we didn't have at the time.  We could however, tell anyone we brought in to help us about what Amy had discovered and recommended but needed to be careful not to share too much about our show.  Jennifer and I also decided we wouldn't share any part of the reveal with the girls.  We felt that would just horrify them more than what they already were.

Our fist goal was to cut the ties that the crazy woman had with Heidi.  Protecting her was our number one priority and we started with that back bedroom. We had already made that bedroom off limits but reinforced that after we saw that sketch of what Amy had seen there.  We felt if we kept the girls out of there they would be much safer.  We also kept our family policy that no one was allowed to be in the house alone.   We stayed together as much as possible to give us that "strength in numbers" feel.

We started with the name of the Reiki Master that Amy had given Jennifer and left her a very simple message to give us a call.  In the meantime, we started the search for a male medium.  This proved difficult as you just don't pull up the yellow pages.

I forget how many we talked to but the list seems endless.  They would all start out very confident in themselves and their abilities.  However, once we mentioned Amy's name, their demeanor changed and their confidence clicked down a couple of notches.  Suddenly our situation was real to them and they didn't want anything to do with it.  This just gave us more confidence in Amy's ability and what she told us.  It also was comforting knowing that having Amy come here was a validation of our experiences as well as helping us weed out the charlatans. 

We were sort left to our own devices.  We set out on self research; how to cleanse, protect ourselves, prayers, etc.  This proved even harder as there is an over abundance of contradicting information available.  Given the fact that we were novices at all this was frustrating.

The waiting for a return call from the Reiki was frustrating in itself because that was the most important piece to our puzzle.   We had to start with that and if we couldn't, everything else would be lost.  A day goes by, then a week without a return call.  Jennifer calls again but no response.  She starts to look for others and she finds a Reiki Master in our small town.  She doesn't seemed spooked about what's happening to us but says that she cannot come out to our house.  It's not because she's scared, it's because she just had a baby and cannot risk anything attaching to her which she would bring home to her family.  I respected that because I wouldn't want anything to happen to anyone else.  However, she can help everyone with the healing and removing the negative energy attached to us.  She can also help Heidi with her PK.  We just need to go to her.  So, step one is semi-complete but we still need a Reiki to come to the house and cut ties between Heidi and the crazy woman.

The Reiki Master in town recommended we visit a Metaphysical store.  After some quick research we decide to visit a local store in Kansas City called Aquarius.  We stumbled awkwardly around the store, not know what to look for and not having the courage to talk to anyone.  This was all so new to us and somewhat overwhelming.  Finally, Jennifer worked up the nerve to talk to someone. 

They listened intensely, asking questions, and taking notes.  They believed us, they believed everything we said.  They outlined a very simple plan for us:  Protect yourselves and protect your current environment.

The education begins.

The staff at the store took it upon themselves to teach everything from A to Z about what to do and, more importantly, how to do it.  As our comfort level builds, we start asking more and more questions.  If they didn't know the answers, they would reference books.

As I begin to let my guard down and begin to trust them, I get an uncomfortable feeling that there are others with us.  The store begins to feel more crowded and I can feel anxiety building in me.  I do my best to control but could ignore the moment I felt a tug on the back of my pant leg.  As I turned I see a little girl where a dirty white dress holding a rag doll.  I jump forward and when I turn back, she was gone.  I tell Jennifer I need to go outside and as I make my way to the door I hear voices begging for help.

I collect myself and go back inside.  Jennifer was looking at some jewelry and I stand next to her.  Without saying anything or making eye contact with me, the woman helping Jennifer at the counter hands me a black stone.  Without hesitate or question, I take it from her.   The voices stop and a wave of calmness overtakes me.

"Better?" she says as she looked at me.

"Yes, much better" I said as I rolled the stone in my hand. 

"Carry that in your pocket while you're here.  It will calm your anxiety and protect you." She told me.

I have to know what this stone is and I asked her, "what is this?"

"It's Black Tourmaline.  It's a kind of all catch everything stone for protection.  Think of it like a bug repellent that creates a shield around you."  She said.

I told her I wanted to learn more about this and other stones.  She told me she wasn't an expert but referred me to another person in the store who could help.   So as Jennifer looks at protection jewelry, I start picking this guys brain about stones and crystals.   What I learned was fascinating.  I truly believe that everything admits some sort of energy; some good-some bad.  I just needed to figure out which ones would benefit us the most.  Thankfully with their help, I was able to do just that.  Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Hematite for all of us was good start.

Going there was a blessing as we truly felt we had gained the necessary tools and confidence we needed.  They did caution us to be careful and use them correctly.  They told us to be patient as these things would take time and our situation wouldn't change overnight.

We left the store with nearly everything we needed and everything we needed to know.  We had protections stones, sage, Frankincense and Myrrh, Pinion Pine, Psalm Book specifically for cleansing, candles, jewelry, and other books.

We had the weapons for the battle.  We just needed to gather the warriors to help us.  Having the tools for the fight doesn't do much good when you're not sure how to use them correctly.  We also still had some much to learn.

Now, it's just a matter of waiting for return calls. 


  1. So Lance, so you are an empath or a medium also. Did you hear the little girls name with the rag doll?? Remember I'm searching for that name Sara H. I'm curious on her age aprox?? Blessings

  2. I'm still not sure what exactly my abilities are and am still struggle to understand and learn. It's a confusing challenge that, at times, is exhausting. As for the little girl, we would put her age at around 10-12 years old.


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