Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Spousal Experiences

I got some Facebook questions from longtime blog reader Jessica McNear regarding the blog post Puzzle Pieces

"Has your wife had experiences in her past? And when you’re traveling for work, has she had experiences at home like the one you had with the basement door and footsteps up and down?"

Yes, Jennifer has had past experiences.  She was raised in a much more open and accepting environment than I was. Her mother and aunt would use Ouija Boards and have sceances which lead to her hearing voices and seeing unexplained things.  Jennifer is also very sensitive to smells and will smelled things when others don't.

One particular incident happened when her aunt passed away a few years ago.  Jennifer went to Texas for the funeral.  During the service, she said that she was overwhelmed with the smell of her aunt's perfume; like she was sitting right next to her.  She said she could actually feel her presence.

Jennifer will also smell her father at times.  Either cigarette smoke or his after-shave.  

As for her experiencing things while I'm traveling, yes, there has been incidences.  Lights have turned on and off, things go missing, things will move on their own.

While I was out of town one time, she said that the blinds in the living room started to rattle and then would open and close.  She felt like it was someone trying to look outside the window.

She has also seen shadow figures walking around the outside of the house.  She saw one that walked past the living room windows and then around to the front side walk.  When she went outside to see who it was, no one was there. 

These are just a few of the things that she has experienced.  I will get her to write about her experiences and also elaborate on the ones that I mentioned.


  1. I am a little late as usual to your blog but I have read most of the entries and wow. You have a strong family and you Lance are a really good writer. I want to quickly share something as you are the only one who would get this and I get no answers from my family. I moved back home about two years ago for financial reasons. Before that, a friend of my mother who has the gift came out. My sister was having things in her room being thrown at her from what I was told. The friend said something bad was here and saged the house. This is all anyone here told me about it so I thought nothing of it. About a year ago and just now actually I have been having really bad nightmares, very vivid. About a month ago, I woke up and was shivering, freezing cold, couldn't move, had my sister give me a blanket. When all this first started, I got pushed and my arm went thru a glass window. I am a sober man so I know it was a push and not just staggering. There have been other incidents I will leave out, my point is when I try to talk to my family about it they dont dismiss it, they just get real quiet and look kinda scared and say nothing. They also refuse to talk about when the family friend came out or if anything other then my sister getting things thrown off her shelf happened. I'm sorry to be so long winded, no one else I know really believes in this and would say I was insane, but it feels like if something is here, it really hates me and one big goal is to not let me sleep. I also woke up the other night after a dream I cant remember the dream and I usually do, but I was crying for about 45 minutes. When I told my sister, she just looked at me said that sucks and walked away. I'm done now, time for another hardly slept night and Cheetos.

  2. Hi Dave-sorry for the delay in my reply. One of the biggest challenges we faced was from non-believers; I was even that way for the first two years of our haunting. When your concerns fall upon deaf ears, it's easy to retreat within yourself. That is actually the worse thing you can do because it makes you weaker and more vulnerable to what is haunting you. Plus it opens the door for other to follow in it's path. Surround yourself with those you understand and care. Not those who's curious about the haunting but those who truly get it; maybe even experience it themselves. These days it's not hard to find those folks. Online discussion boards, chat rooms, and metaphysical stores are a good way to find them. As for saging, that works but my experience is that it's only temporary. You have to take additional protection steps afterward, starting with yourself. Looks at this way, it's like cleaning up the water from a slow leaking pipe. Initially the floor is clean but the leak still remains. You need to fix the pipe or you'll be cleaning up water everyday.

    I don't get notifications or comments met for some reason so I'm usually late in replying. If you every need to reach out to me with questions, you can email me at


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