Saturday, February 6, 2021

Angelic Soul Reboot

I haven't posted in a while as life has gotten in the way.  The holidays, work, raising kids, and just general all around daily life keeps me from doing things.  Anyway, that's neither here or there.

It can be hard to write about things now that the main issues are no longer issues.   The activity now is mild and tame compared to the hell we experienced.  That's a good thing because it is not something I ever want to experience again.

I tend to think that the post-haunting storm things are trivial and somewhat boring.  So, I don't write about them because I think all the blog readers might find it dull to read about a piece of paper just floating from a countertop to a desk.  

I will still always write about major things.   Things that scare us and make us feel unsafe will always be a blog topic.

This brings me to today's blog post.  A realization of sorts, call it a spiritual awakening, rebirth, divine intervention, or whatever.  I lean towards an  Angelic Soul Reboot.

My life has always been in somewhat of flux.  It was a constant struggle to distinguish reality versus illusion. For the longest time I didn't really understand why but, now I firmly believe it was influenced by some sort of paranormal activity.   I want to be clear that I am not using this as an excuse for all the terrible things I have done in the past.  At the end of the day, it was, and still is, my responsibility to control my actions.  In some ways I did, in others I did not.  However, I now have come to realize that there may have been something whispering in my ear.  I should have acknowledged it and dealt with it however I really wasn't aware of  it until after our haunting experiences.  Once you realize what is happening you can fix it and get the "good guys" to help you instead of the evil ones.  You just need the weapons for the battle.

Over the past month or so, I've started meditating.  Clearing my mind of negativity and evil influences; opening myself up more.  As I got better on focusing my energy, I started hearing someone talking to me.  Sometimes in my head, sometimes through my ears.  It started as a whisper, one I could barely hear, but over time it became clearer and more distinct.  It is a calm loving voice. I can't tell you if it was male or female because it really doesn't seem to have a human form.  I would describe it as musical in nature.  Best example I can come up with is when you hear someone playing a piano.  You recognize the words of the song coming through the piano but you don't actually hear them, you just feel them.  Terrible example so I hope you understand.

It's a teaching voice, a spiritual guide.  The first lesson was encouraging me to stop thinking I'm perfect, because I'm not.  Learn from others, accept their guidance.  Even if I disagree, I was told to take the pieces that would help me improve.   Love unconditionally without the expectation of something in return and ease the burden of others, even if it's just a kind word or a smile.

I was told I was in a safe place.  That the negative influencers were being held at bay by the guiding voice.  It said it would eventfully overrun them, pushing them out, as long as I continued to listen to the guidance.   

After awhile I completely opened up, absorbing every word. It's teaching me to overcome the spirits that want to do intentional  harm as well as those who unknowingly cause harm by just being here.

Angel, positive spirit, or my imagination?  Who knows what is it, I don't question it.  I just believe in it.   I do know this, that I would have never gotten to this point unless I opened myself up and accepted the abilities I have.  I also acknowledge the haunting experiences we had, although terrifying,  contributed to this awaking.

Accept the fact that your life can be better but also accept that it is a journey with no final destination.  


  1. Lance, your story has encouraged me to take charge of my own situation over the past couple years. Reading, praying, and asserting my right to be in my own home has seemed to help reduce the activity over the past year. I feel like I owe you the credit through sharing your experience to helping me take back some control. So thank you. I'm not afraid anymore. I think that is the greatest power you helped me achieve.

    1. Wow Rick, what an incredible comment! Thank you so much! I appreciate that you feel our blog and sharing our experiences have helped. Maybe in some ways it has but mostly it's all you. Keep doing what you're doing and if we can help in any way, reach out to us!

  2. Did you sell the house you lived in during the dead files episode?

    1. Hi Nana. No, we still live in the house. When we had our reveal, Amy said she would normally tell someone to move given the amount of issues but she said that the house was only part of our problem. The main problem was our abilities & she was concerned that the next place could be worse because of it. She recommended staying since we knew what we were up against. So, the focus was learning about our abilities & controlling our environment.

  3. Lance, I promise you-reading about your experiences, even the “trivial” ones is not boring at all. I love to read about all of y’all’s experiences even the trivial ones

    1. Thank you so much! I still have some stuff to share and just need to sit down and write!


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