Monday, September 27, 2021



This has “Sarah” written on it several times like she was learning how to write her name.  She was the child orphan spirit we all saw usually with Lance or Maya.  

We first noticed her when toys began moving through the house on their own and the musical buttons being played on a Little Peoples toy airplane.  We had video of it at one time. After it happened Lance said “ It’s ok if you play with it.”  Then he put it back in the bedroom and a moment later she rolled it into the kitchen again.  It landed close to his ball cap on the floor .  When he reached down to pick up his hat, she rolled it real fast over his hat which scared him.  It was cute and playful.  

She was a very sweet girl and had a friend Margaret with her.  Emi saw her in the kitchen once.  We put out a ball and a babydoll in a lawn chair for them to play with at night. The next day both were in a different location.  It was by the same tree I saw her petting Maya at.  I could always tell when she was in the yard because Maya wouldn’t leave the tree.  She was about 7 years old and we told her she could stay if she wanted to.  

Lance could hear many spirits, but this little girl was special to us.  She called him Daddy.  We heard her laugh sometimes and she liked to play with Heidi’s hair.  She even left feathers on Lance’s pillow once in the shape of a heart when he was having a hard time.  I also know she played with the puppies.  I would find tiny bird feathers in their boxes when she was around.  It was very sad for us when we were forced to clear the house of spirits.  Sarah was very afraid and crying and Lance broke down knowing how afraid she was at having to leave.  We assured her that her Mommy and Daddy were waiting for her in Heaven.  

Still, it was a very sad day for both of us having to say goodbye.

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