Monday, March 21, 2022

Tiffany Spirit Story-Guest Blogger

I'd like to tell you all of my most recent spirit encounter!  I joined a FB support group in October of '19 for a diagnosis I received in that past July. i combed through this support group and got so much wonderful advice.  I had a major 9-hour operation in January '20.  I barely remember my 4-day hospital stay because I was heavily medicated, but I do know I had spirit visitors--a woman and two men.  I didn't see them with my physical eyes, but I sensed them.  I knew where they stood.  I knew the men were doctors that were possibly affiliated with this particular hospital and were checking up on me.  The woman made herself very known by waking me up in a least desirable way--she made me wake up in sheer panic, shortness of breath and chest pain.  At first, I thought it was the pain meds and maybe I had stopped breathing but even in my drug induced state I knew it was how she was feeling.  She wasn't mean or trying to scare me, but she was just scared to death.  Fast forward--she hitchhiked home with me!  I was tapering off my pain meds when I returned home except taking them at night to help me sleep since I was limited to only being on my back.  Each time she awoke me I'd sense her bouncing around the room in a panic. It was as if I could see her but not physically with my eyes.  She'd bounce from behind my door to the ceiling then I'd feel her try to get on my bed. I told her she couldn't get on my bed.  I'd at least learned to not allow spirits to lie down with you. After a couple of weeks of this I told her to stop coming to me this was because she had my attention.  I didn't appreciate being waken up in a sheer panic. So that night I awoke to a sweet and gentle voice whispering "Alisa?" and I thanked her for that approach. That night she showed me what she looked like. I paid very close attention to the details of her face and hair. I didn't recognize her as anyone I'd known. I tried counseling her and tried crossing her, but I was unable so a friend of mine helped. Another night i was awaken by a loud banging noise coming from the front porch and I knew it was my spirit woman and my friend. I dreamt of both of them that night and i knew my friend took her even though she didn't tell me.  She laughed the next day when I asked her about it.  She told me she'd astral travelled and made a point of telling me she didn't come into the house just the front porch.  She said the spirit met her on the front porch and she took her hand and led her off.  She said it took a couple of days to cross her, but she saw her cross and knew she was good.  Over the phone she told me she didn't understand but this spirit and I had some kind of connection between us.  And when she said that it clicked.  I felt like I knew but I also question myself and my abilities.  I also felt like I was grabbing at straws but somehow, I just figured this has to be it.  I asked my friend if she saw her because the spirit had shown me what she looked like in great detail from the shoulders up.  I'd seen her all in my mind (3rd eye). My friend also saw her so we both texted at the same time on speaker phone and hit send at the same time to compare notes.  It was nearly identical to my description except her hair.  It was amazing!  So, then I jumped on my Facebook support group while we were talking and combed through the month of October-December because I'd seen this woman post and remember responding to some posts, but we never had a verbal exchange.  I couldn't remember her name and I was frantically searching.  She had announced she had metastatic brain cancer and the next thing I know someone posted of her death.  All of this happened in a matter of weeks.  Once I had her name, I searched all of her photos and posts and came across the photo of how she'd shown herself to me. Then I found a photo of how she showed herself to my friend.  I sent her pictures to my friend and we compared notes. I broke down, I couldn't stop crying.  I mourned her death for a couple of days.  She was only 39 and I knew she didn't want to die.  She wanted children.  She hadn't expected she would die, and this shocked her. She wanted to live. Because of this she was stuck in her panicky death state.  My friend reassured me that she had crossed, and this spirit knew I could help her.  She waited for my surgery in the hospital to come to me.  She also said it was a good thing I was there, or she would have been trapped in her death state.  So, rest in peace my sweet sister, Tiffany, I will never forget you!  

Oh, and just a little side note on the two doctors who visited me at the hospital, they also made house calls. They never interacted with me but woke me up talking amongst themselves about my status and progress as "their" patient.  They visited me a few nights a week for the first three weeks of my recovery.


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