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Dark Sun Rising

 A couple of house cleaning things before I get into this blog entry.  First, if you comment in the comment section of a blog entry, I do see it and I'll respond.  The problem I found out recently is that you may not get a notification of my reply.  You will have to check back for my response.  Second, I've neglected doing blog entries.  It doesn't mean I don't have any to write, because as you'll read in this blog entry, I certainly do.  It comes down to time.  I work full-time in what at times can be a stressful job, still have kiddos at home who are in activities, and still have to work the ranch/farm here.  Hopefully things will start settling down and I can commit to more time doing entries.  I still remain in awe of how many people still read the blog, for that I truly thank you. So, if that many people still are reading, I need to do my part and write!  Lastly, if you want to be a guest blogger we encourage you to do so.  The more people who share their experiences, the better it is for everyone.  Remember, our goal is to help others and give them strength to get the help.  Sharing your story could encourage them to do just that.  If you want to be a guest blogger, just click HERE

Now, back to our story.

Black Sun Rising

When things happen in your life that are traumatic, you tend to be on heightened alert afterwards.  As time passes, that heightened sense of anxiety starts to fade and you are not  as diligent as you once were.  You become laxed on doing the things that ensured that whatever happened wouldn't happened again.  It's just human nature.  You never fully close the door and that slight crack you left open is the only invitation it is needs to come back into your life to reek havoc.

We had recovered nicely from our experiences since we got help from The Dead Files back in 2016.  Things seemed to be normal for us.  We had only dealt with very minor issues and nothing truly malevolent.  We thought that the bad things were behind us, we thought we were safe.   The feelings of past anxiety had faded and we unintentionally let our guard down.  A classic case of "out of sight, out of mind".

The Pandemic changed our lives dramatically.  I was no longer traveling and began working from home 100% of the time.  Heidi and Emi changed to remote learning.   Eating out and any sort of outside entertainment had vanished.  Like many of you, we were stuck in our homes, prisoners somewhat.  It was nice having us all home and spending some time together but as days turned in weeks and weeks turned into months, the reality sunk in that this was not going to end anytime soon.  Needless to say, it began to take its toll and started wearing us down.

If you've been reading our blog, you remember that once you start getting worn down the door to things coming begins to open.  We knew that we still had the "path of dead people" that Amy talked about during out reveal of our Dead Files episode, but we had, up to this point, done a good job of keeping them out.

We started noticing changes in our behavior.  We were not sleeping well,  continuously arguing, depressed, and questioning our self worth.  These things seemed to affect Emi the most.

A quick little back story to provide some clarity for the rest of this story.  Emi had moved to the back bedroom.  It was Londyn's room when we first moved in and Heidi's room during our Dead Files episode.  This is the room where we feel all our problems started.  We have always thought that there was some sort of portal in the room's bathroom but we were fairly confident we had closed it.   However, as you'll read next, we apparently didn't lock it.  

Jennifer was the first to realize that Emi was not acting normal.  She knew that it was something malevolent and that it was attacking her.  She immediately took steps to try get rid of whatever was the source.  She Saged, burned Frankincense and Myrrh incense, and salted.  These steps only worked temporarily as whatever we were dealing with was able to overcome them.

Jennifer had become friends with a woman, Lisa, who had psychic abilities and was studying to become a Reiki.  She is an incredible gifted woman and we're very lucky to know her.  Jennifer asked her to do Reiki on Emi to see if she could see anything in her.  She noticed Emi was being attacked, taking her over and it had something to do with the back bedroom.  Her recommendation was perform Reiki in the back bedroom to determine what was there and to work on getting rid of it by a cleanse.

We decided this was what needed to be done and we needed to do it as soon as possible.  We felt if we didn't, it would it would only continue to feed on Emi and get stronger.  Jennifer didn't want Emi there when it was time to do it because she didn't want to scare her or allow it to jump into her for protection.  Jennifer arranged for Heidi to take Emi out to have some sister fun time.   This would buy us the time we needed.

The first step was preparing the room. Lisa had us draw crosses in all the mirror and light candles in specific locations in the room.  After the room was prepped, we called Lisa using FaceTime.  Lisa began working on finding out what was there.  

"Demon", she said

Our hearts sunk.

"Demon?  There's a Demon in here?", Jennifer asked

"Yes, there's a Demon but it's weak", Lisa answered

"Can we get rid of it?  What can we do?"  Jennifer responded

"We can try but we all need to work together", Lisa said

Now, I'm not a Demonologist but what I do know is that Demons just don't leave because you politely ask.  They are there for some ungodly reason and their mission is to turn good to bad and bad to worse,  They don't rest until they complete that mission and they don't leave without putting up a fight.  Luckily we had an advantage as the Demon hadn't fully entered and was weak.

Without hesitate, we ask Lisa to get to work.   She explains to us the stone pendent she was holding will move a certain way when (and if) we get rid of the Demon.  I am holding one myself and it dangled toward the ground motionless.  Lisa begins to do her thing, praying, chatting, and asking for strength.  She ask Jennifer to repeat the Lord's Prayer.  As she does, Lisa's stone pendent moves left to right, right to left.  The one I'm holding starts to do the same.  As they both continue to speak, the pendants move faster, changing directions multiples times.  The room got heavy and we could feel the angry, the resentment.  

After about 20 mins, the pendants stop.  The air in the room clears and you can feel peace.

"It's gone", Lisa says with a smile.

"It's gone?  Thank you God", Jennifer says.

This episode was a wake up call that we cannot let our guard down and they we need to stay diligent.  

We won't make this mistake again or take our peace for granted going forward.

This time, we closed and locked the door.

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