Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Cavalry is coming to the rescue!

It's late March 2016 now and our lives had not only become distant from the outside world but from each other as well.   We couldn't stop or control anything that was happening. It had finally started breaking our souls.  Living the way we were living was a tragedy in itself.

The constant screaming of the crazy woman, the man laughing and yelling anytime he wanted,  things breaking down for no reason, things disappearing or flying through the house, and the smell of tobacco smoke were now a part of horrifying daily life.  It seemed there was always something new to add to the list happenings.  One evening I came back into the house from taking the trash out and found one of our dogs on a shelf above the kitchen cabinets.  It was impossible for him to have done this on his own, something helped him.  He was terrified and it took awhile to calm him down.  He also developed a self-protecting trait as sometimes he would refuse to come back inside the house.  It wouldn't make a difference if it was freezing, snowing, or raining he didn't want to come inside. 

Everything about us now was broken.  We were past the point of asking anyone for help or telling anyone about what was happening.   Everyone had looked at our situation as a novelty or something fun.  To them it was like something that they would see on television but to us it wasn't a made for TV movie.  It was the reality of living in constant fear, exhaustion, and chaos. 

My phone rang late one afternoon but since I didn't recognize the number I didn't answer.   I pushed the call the voice mail and forgot about it.  Later that evening I checked the message and it was Desma from The Dead Files!  Her message said the show had been renewed and she wanted me to call her if we were still interested.   Thankfully she was still in the office when I called back.   Jennifer & I spoke to her on speaker phone.  She asked if we were still having issues.  We quickly replied "yes and it's gotten worse!" 

"Would you still consider being on the show?  We want to use your story as a season premier.", she said.

We didn't hesitate and said, "Yes we do!"

She seemed just as excited as we were as she went through a timeline & deadlines of the show's production.   At the very end she asked if we sure we wanted to do this.  "You're at the point of no return now, are you absolutely sure you want to do this?  Doing the show will make everything public and people may judge you, so are you ready for that?"

We told her that we are living in constant fear and lives are nothing but a shell of what it was before all this started happening.  We were at the point that we didn't care what anyone else thought because we knew if we didn't get help we were going to lose everything.   So, yes...we were ready to do it and to finally get some help that we felt we could trust.

She told us who our producer would be and that he would contact us within the next couple of days to schedule times to come to meet with us.

We finally felt a sense of relief that we hadn't felt in years.  We were going to get help...real help.  All the sudden our moods stated to change and the house was quiet for a few days. 

However, things were about to take a very scary turn.  It's always darkest before the dawn is just a saying but it was about to become our reality.

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