Sunday, October 8, 2017

The storm intensifies

Weathering constant attacks is beginning to wear on us.  We have become more withdrawn and more cautious of who we tell.  We have quit trying to find help as our attempts to get help from the religious community proved more challenging than anything else.  We were told that ghost & spirits don't exist.  When you die you move on to heaven or hell depending on how you lived your life.   Jesus Christ was the only person to die and to have risen from the dead.

That's hard to stomach as we have experienced so many things that have contraindicated everything they were saying.  I was insulted and angry as we went to them for help and they decided without any sort of investigation that we were crazy and needed to believe in the Bible more.

The attempt to get help from religion seems to only increase the activity and anger it.  It's as if we are being punished for our efforts to rid our lives of them.  They begin to attack with a vengeance.

One afternoon, I had to go down to the basement.  I wanted to make my trip quick so I made mental notes of what I needed and where it might be.  As I made my way down, I could feel my anxiety thicken and my chest began to feel tight.  I went to back of the basement and all the sudden the door slammed shut.  I ran to the door and couldn't open it, I was trapped.  Jennifer heard the door slam and ran down stairs.  She pushed and I pulled and we just couldn't open it.  I actually begin to take stock of my life, I felt that whatever was happening was going to be the end.  It was going to kill me.  Finally without warning the door swung open and I escaped.

I was beginning to see figures and hear them.  One day at dusk, I was on the back deck and heard sound of scream.  I wasn't sure if was animal or human and as I turned, I saw an Indian on horse slowly walking from behind the garage.  I was frozen and scared because the look on his face was one of angry.  All the sudden he charged and got me at the blink of an eye with his spear drawn.  I couldn't move and just closed my eyes.  I felt a coldness run through me and when I opened my eyes he was gone.  I made a bee line for the house.

Knives seem to be the weapons of choice for the entities.  We find them stuck in the ceiling, walls, and on the floor.  While cleaning the kitchen one night, a knife we used to cut up a watermelon flew off the counter and cut me across the arm.  For some reason, I wasn't as scared as I had been the past.  I was angry and I wanted to fight.  I felt it was a cowardly move and if they wanted to fight, they should fight me fairly.  That way I could see what I was fighting and could protect myself and my family.

One afternoon while I was in the back bedroom on a conference call, I heard someone in the kitchen.  I didn't think much of it as I just thought it was Chloe home for lunch.  I went into the kitchen but no one was there.  The silverware drawn was open so I closed it and went back to my call.   Soon I heard someone in the kitchen again.  I thought it was Chloe and went into the kitchen again but she wasn't there.  I checked outside and check if her car was there.  It wasn't.  The silverware drawn was open again so I closed it.  I went back to my call but this time with a very uneasy feeling.   I heard someone in the kitchen once again but stayed in the back bedroom.  I was finished with my call and went into the kitchen.  I noticed the silverware drawn was open.  This time I decided to video it, I'm not sure why but probably to provide some explanation for my fear and insanity .  The video below is the full version of what was The Dead Files.

I was very hesitate to give it to them to use as I knew it would bring criticism that it was staged and fake.  That was the last thing I wanted because we were already getting enough of that and it was wearing on us.  After a long discussion with the producers, I decided to let them use it.  They had their camera & video experts look at it, review it, and dissect it.   They came to the conclusion it was authentic and they said it was one the most amazing videos they had seen.  The drawers in our kitchen are old and they take a considerable about of effort to open them.  They just can't be opened with one finger.

Meanwhile, the storm of violence gains strength and begins to intensify.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, I hope and pray you are all safe.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are doing well. We learned how to control our environment and protect ourselves. Learning and studying about things and then applying what we learned was the key to understanding, healing, and having a positive home.

  2. Thank you for continuing with the story. I don't know if you plan to expand on this sub-topic, but I was wondering if there had been any changes in our your church members viewed this issue now that you had received more exposure. You don't have to answer if this subject is too personal.

    1. Hi Frederic! We have somewhat of a bad taste in our mouths regarding organized religion now. We went to them for help and were judged & basically were turned away. However, some of our fellow church members have show support and are open to what has happened to us. I think what has happened is that since we've been opened about what has happened it's encouraged others to say, "yea, I've had some stuff happen too."


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