Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Temporary Safe Haven

After the incidents the week prior to filming our Dead Files episode, we decided we had no choice but protect ourselves with some very extreme measures.  Keep in mind, we are frantic and terrified by the recent events and are open to trying anything we can think of.

"We need to get out!"

I overheard Jennifer say this as she was talking to Jeremy Cook, our producer at Painless Productions.  Thankfully, Jeremy agreed and we started packing our things to go to our neighbors.  It was a quick 'get only what you need' type of packing and we did it at a frantic pace.  We were out of the house in less than 30 minutes.

We were so lucky to have some great friends who took us in without hesitation.  They were so kind to allow us to invade their home.  They took care of our girls while Jennifer & I caught our breath in order to process what had just happened.

"Everyone is getting baptized!"

"There is something evil in our house!  It's trying to kill us!" Jennifer said,  "Everyone is getting baptized!  Today!"

This was the only thing we could think to do to protect ourselves.  Jennifer called our minister briefly explained what was going on and he agreed to meet with us that afternoon.  I kept thinking to myself no one in the religious community has believed us before so why would they start now?   However, i figured it couldn't hurt and maybe it would bring us some peace of mind.  Jennifer wanted everyone baptized which meant I had to pull Chloe out of school; in the middle of exams.  Needless to say, she was not happy with me when she came to the school office and we didn't talk as we drove to the church.

When we got to the church, Jennifer and the girls were waiting for us with the minister.   We went into his office and all sat down.  He could tell we were exhausted and frantic.  He patiently listened to our story but I could tell he was having a difficult time believing it.  Hell, I would have a hard time too if I wouldn't had experienced it.

It always seems that religion falls back to the Bible when it can't explain how or why something happens, 'It's God's will', "have faith", or "We know from the Bible, that can't be."  This meeting wouldn't be much different.  I remember when we told him about the screams and the dead people we would see, his response was Bible driven.  "When you die, you either go to hell or heaven, you don't hang around.  The Bible tells us that Jesus was the only one to rise from the dead so what you're experiencing can't be happening."   After that, I knew trying to convince him would be a waste of time.  I knew what I heard, I knew what I had seen, and it certainly wasn't Biblical.  I sat silent as Jennifer talked and finally convinced him to baptized us.  I remember saying a silent prayer to myself, praying that this would bring us some relief.

A Safe Haven

We took Chloe back to school and we told her that we were staying at the neighbors until we felt safe enough to return to the house.  She said that she was going to be staying with a friend which was fine.  The paranormal experiences at the house had really divided us, especially our relationship with Chloe, so it didn't surprise us that she wouldn't want to stay with us.

Our neighbors were so wonderful to us.  They took us into their home, helped talked care of girls, feed us, and gave us a feeling of safety we hadn't felt in so long. For the first time in a long time, we slept.

We knew that the Dead Files was to start filming in the next couple of days.  We needed to go back to the house (especially to clean it up) but for now, we just wanted to rest in the safe haven of our neighbors home.  Even if it was only temporary.


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