Friday, March 2, 2018

Semana de los Muertos-Cuarta Parte

After Lance’s Native American Chanting, I took him back inside the house.  He is completely distraught, so I tell him just go sit down on the bed.  Everything is ok just sit down and relax.  He does as I say and lies down on his side of the bed.  I then ask Emi to stay by her Dad and ask her Guardian Angels, whom she hears and speaks with, to protect her daddy and keep him safe.  She hurries over to his side and sits on the bed with him, worried sick about her daddy and prays to her angels.  Meanwhile I go with Heidi and tell her to call Grandma right away and tell her to come over.  While I’m doing this, I hear Emi scream horrified from the open bedroom and find her crying in the foray as I run back to check on her and Lance.  She is shaking with fear from the way her father looks.  Lance is now smiling with eyes squinted his face looking different and his head turned looking at us both speaking in some type of Indian language.  Strange words are flowing from him as he smiles at us happily.  He didn’t sound scary, but it was NOT my husband we were all completely scared out of our minds.  What to do now?  My protective instincts kick in much stronger now as both of my girls are clinging to me and crying in the foray as we all witness the freak show sitting on my bed.  I immediately tell Heidi to grab a blanket and Emi and run over to our neighbors’ house who are across the street in the neighborhood.   In all my turmoil this morning I discover, as the kids are running for their lives to our front gate, a customer showing up to drop off their dogs for me to babysit.  They of course see the terror in our eyes and hear the extreme fear in my voice as I beg them to please take my kids to my neighbors across the street.  My customers being completely confused and worried ask me what’s wrong?   I just repeat my request louder and tell them to take them for me now please I must get back to Lance.   Thankfully they do as I ask.

So now I must go back into my house not knowing what I will meet after I open my front door.  Lance is still sitting on the bed smiling thankfully, so I walk past him and go to the bedroom and call my mother in law.  I tell her to get over here immediately that I need her now and that Lance is NOT WELL.  She tried to get some answers and I told her “GET HERE NOW!!!”  Okay so I come out of the bedroom and check on Lance.  I had walked through the kitchen and nothing was out of order; this will come in later in the story because of what happens next.  Lance is still on the bed or whoever that Indian was.  Meanwhile my neighbors have returned drove in the driveway and are very concerned.  I am telling them what has just happened when my mother in law arrives.  I tell them I must go and will fill them in later.  Very worried they drive away and my mother in law drives in.  I tell her to go sit with Lance and give her a short idea of what is happening.  I put the visiting dogs in the back with my pack and return to the bedroom.  By now Lance wakes up and now is very surprised to see his mom sitting on the bed beside him.  Again he panics and stands up to pace and begins to feel sick and nauseous.  He goes outside to vomit.  When he returns he appears himself but extremely confused and worried.  He asks, “where are the kids?”  I told him all that had happened and he nervously, with panic in his voice, asks “did I hurt anyone?  Are they okay?” I assured him they were not hurt, only scared, and were safely across the street with the neighbors.  I ask his mom to sit and help calm him down while I call the school to let them know why the kids were not there.  I call the school barely able to speak for the fear I’m struggling with and telling the person who answered to put my friend, Debra on the phone.  She asks me, “what do you need?”  I repeat in a panicked louder voice filled with tears and fear “Put Debra on the phone!!!  I need to talk to Debra!!!”  crying though my words.  Alas I hear my friends voice.   “Hi Jennifer,  this is Debra.”  as I start talking I begin to have trouble due to my hyperventilating as I tell her what is going on and the kids will not be at school today.  “Jennifer, Jennifer, slow down I can’t understand you.”, she says.  I try to calm myself and tell her again.  Now I am crying and screaming in fear realizing what all has happened.  “Jennifer are you hurt? Do you want to me to call the police?”  I replay, “no they can’t help me! Debra can you please come over!!!” She says, “well I am working so what do you need me to do to help you”.  My immediate response is “Nothing unless you can come over!  Lanita is here and is helping me with Lance.  He is better now.”  “Okay well call me if there’s anything I can do.”, she says as we hang up the phone.  I try to calm down and stop crying so I can return to Lance.  

My mother in law suggest that we all pack our things and come stay at her house for a while to ensure our safety.  Lance seems himself, so I take her into the bedroom to tell her about the incident with the knife that had flown across Lances arm in the kitchen and cut him.  She told me she was aware of this incident.  I didn’t know but needed her to take the situation seriously.  We came out of the bedroom with me in front and we walk into the kitchen again.  I am turned backwards to her as we are talking about when we’ll get to her house.  She was adamant we come immediately and not to delay.  Lance and I agree and tell her it’s okay for her to leave.  She goes home to wait for us.

I begin to pack some clothing for all of the girls, Lance gets his things and sits on the bed baffled at what we have told him.  I return to the kitchen and as I walk into the kitchen I notice a steak knife stabbed into the wall.  I am< of course< quickly set on guard to anything that was to happen next.  The knife was stabbed into the wall under the bar which coincidentally has the bed with Lance sitting on it on the other side.  I call to him horrified to come look at what I have now found.  As we look at the knife I notice red ink and the words “DIE DIE DIE DIE” written from small to very large letters all around the knife.  The words took up about 2-3 feet all over the wall where it was written around the knife.  OKAY THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME!!!!  WE’RE OUT OF HERE!!!  I took photos of this horrid sight for documentation and then removed the knife.

The knife in the wall with the words of warning.

Another angle of the knife in the wall.

I decided that maybe if I had the knives in a drawer it may make it harder for them to fly around the house like they had done 3 times prior to this.  All knives and anything else that could kill us, scissors, skewers and knives were enclosed in the drawer beside the dishwasher.  I needed to protect my family at all cost.

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