Thursday, March 8, 2018

Semana de los Muertos - Quinta Parte

Alright, so now I am sufficiently horrified by the day’s events.  I continue to safeguard the kitchen and house securing anything sharp in the drawer.  Lance comes into the kitchen telling me he’s chilly and then returns to the open bedroom.  He puts on a blue flannel shirt and buttons it up mostly.  I’m busy so I don’t realize how weird this is for him to say, as he is always hot natured, and we are the ones freezing.  I am now ready to go to Grandma’s when I see him staring out the front window.  What he says shakes me to the core.  Lance is a typical jock type of guy not fancy in words nor stance.  He is 6’ tall weighs around 220 lbs.  He is a burly man with plenty of manly hair covering his chest and face.  He is NOT formal by any stretch of the imagination.  However, as I look over to him wondering why he has stopped packing to stare out the window, I notice this; while standing and peacefully looking out our front window which oversees most of our yard, with hands folded neatly behind his back, he says this to me.  “You have a very lovely place here.”  My heart drops to the floor, my nerves tense up in panic mode again, I know 100% this is NOT my husband.  Thankfully my phone was right in front of me on the bar charging.  “Thank the Lord!” I thought.  I turned on the video on my phone to catch what would come next.

Okay so here I stand trying to act cool while this strange man is in my house and no one else is around to save me.  I am scared shitless!!!  Onward through the fog I go, aiming the camera at him, as he continues to speak to me in a very proper unfamiliar phrasing of words flowing from his mouth.  After he tells me how beautiful my property is while staring out the window he carefully turns around while remaining put in front of the window.  He looks around the room at everything on the mantle and walls and then tells me you have a very nice home.  He is now walking toward me in the kitchen where I stand at the bar recording his every word.  Thankfully he is back a few feet, or I may have pissed myself.  He walks a straight line as he joins me in the kitchen.  He asks me if he could trouble me for a cup of coffee.  I of course say of course and ask him what he would like in his coffee.  Very confused by my question he says with a curious look on his face, “I would like it in a cup please, Thank you.”  I agree and walk over to the coffee pot to get away from him.  He begins to pace slowly by the entryway to the living room admiring our decorations and walls and kitchen, looking up and down happily.  I ask him if he is here with anyone else.  He says no and tells me he likes my home.  I ask him where he is from.  Luckily the video remains of this part of the story.  He tells me the story of his life where he was born and how he came to be here now.  I am not feeling safe and suggest that we go outside.  He agrees and says, “Yes I would like that.”  and then starts walking closer into the kitchen stops and says.  “I’d like that coffee now.”  I then tell him “yes of course” as I quickly try to think of a way to get him to go outside.  “I can make you some coffee outside” he seems to be appeased by this idea and we start to head out of the kitchen when the coffee pot Beeps loudly.  He is startled and confused by this sound and looks all around turning in a circle trying to find the reason for the strange beeping noise he hears.  He then looks directly at the coffee pot.  Again says “I would like that coffee now.”  Looking as if he knows I’m stalling.  “Let’s go outside!”  I notice he is looking at the drawer that I had put all the knives in, still standing in right in front of them.  I tell him “Why don’t you come over here by me?”  “I want you to come over and stand by me!”  He walks slowly over to me but keeps his distance and tells me this.  “Oh no I would not be comfortable with that!”  I ask him why not?  “that would not be proper as you are a married lady with a man in your home and we should not be alone in the house together.”  He returns to the entry of the living room and stares at Maya, Lance’s guard dog.  He is smiling at her and she is not alarmed seemingly sprawled out on the floor with her chest showing.  I ask him if he likes my dogs.  He looks straight at Maya and says this, “I like this dog!  She is beautiful.  She has a Cross on her chest!  Her mother was killed by coyotes!”  and chuckles weirdly after his statement.    Well now I am very freaked out and tell him “I am going to go outside to get your coffee.”  As I go through the kitchen to the front door he follows me, and I am glad…that is until he reaches for the doorknob to open the door for me and then stops suddenly.  He stands completely in front of my exit and says “I don’t want to go outside anymore.  I like it better in here!”  As I feel my “fight or flight” instincts kick in, my heart skips a beat, as I look up at him and see a wicked little smile.   He stands seemingly larger and blocking the door to my escape.

I think to myself…. I’M OUT!!!!!

I turn and walk as quickly as I can to my back door and get the hell out of there!  My cell phone in hand and my fingers calling 911 Emergency to call the cops to come protect me as now I feel I am in danger.  My fear remains although I feel safer because in my house is still a rifle and the knives that could potentially kill my husband who currently is nowhere to be found in his normal state.  As I stand by my front gate calling the police I hear a voice.  The 911 operator ask the typical questions for a traumatized woman.   “911 what is your emergency?”  I explain I need the police to come to my house because my husband is in danger.  “Where is your husband?”  “What is going on?”  I try to explain that he is not himself and that we have a rifle and knifes in my home and I am afraid he could get killed.  “Are you okay Ma’am?  Did he hurt you?  NO!!!  Are you safe?”  Yes!!!  Please just hurry before he gets hurt!!!!  Please hurry!!!!”  By this time, he has walked out the back door and is walking to the pond.  I am more afraid now, so I flag down the first man I see coming out of the neighborhood across from ud.  He sees my horrified face, tears rolling down my face and quickly comes to my aid.  I tell him my fears and beg him to run into the house to retrieve the rifle before Lance returns inside the house.  He runs to grab it and returns safely.  I beg him to stay with me until the police arrive because I am shaking and trembling barely able to stand at this point.  I am bawling uncontrollably loudly fearing my husband will be hurt or killed by whatever is controlling him.  Finally, the police arrive and I call Lance’s mother to return.  I tell the police he is in the back somewhere walking around.  I tell them what has happened today bits and pieces.  They think I’m crazy and asks me the typical questions.  “Has your husband started new medication?”  NO!!  “Has he ever hurt you?”  NO!!!  “Has he ever hurt himself?”  NO!!!  Please just go get him and make sure he’s safe!!!   Okay Ma’am.”  Some police go to find him, and another takes me outside the gate to safety.  By this time Lance shows up walking to the front yard and the cops stop him and handcuff him.   Poor Lance is totally alarmed as he “woke up”/returned to his body, standing in front of our pond with Maya in the water jumping on him and barking loudly trying to stop him from walking into our pond.   The police took Lance to the ambulance and they checked him out medically.  He was fine, but they wanted to take him to the hospital for an evaluation.  Knowing what that meant I refused and promised to drive him myself as he was now coherent and was not happy they were of course not believing anything he or I said to them about our day.   To prove I wasn’t lying to the police I showed them the knife in the wall and the words written all over it.  I also told them about the larger knife that had cut him previously as it flew and stabbed into the same place lower on the wall.  Most likely due to the weight of the bigger knife.  I pulled it out to show the police and they both stepped back quickly and told me put the knife down.  I did of course and apologized saying I was just telling them the facts.  They were scared but now wanted to return outside for their own safety.   I assured them I would take Lance to the hospital and they left.  Out of all who showed up to help, only one ambulance guy listened to Lance’s story and believed him.  We did not go to the hospital.  We went inside and got our stuff while Mother in Law waited for us and we drove across the street to see the girls and thank or wonderful neighbors for coming to our aid during this horrific, awfully scary, life threatening day.  They were so gracious and offered their home to us for all our safety.  They knew I would not be able to leave all my precious dogs in that horribly scary home we could no longer stay in.  After a few days Lance and I returned home allowing the girls to remain with the neighbors as they were far too afraid to return home.  We went through our home and collected all impending dangerous items that could potentially hurt our family.  Took them over to our neighbors’ house until after we felt we were safe from harm.  That would be several weeks to months later, after The Dead Files helped us and after we were able to remove the dangerous spirits who were intent on harming our family.


  1. Did you ever learn anything about who the possessing entity was?

    1. Hi Courtney! Amy told us that one was very likely Charlie Reynolds. Unfortunately she couldn't tell us who the others may have been. Amy told us that it was more than likely people from the path of dead that's in front of house. She told us that sometimes they figure out that some living people are sensitives and will be drawn to them. She added that sometimes they do it intentionally and sometimes it's like a magnet and they can't control it.


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