Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Question From A Reader: "Just who takes any advice from Amy Allen-maybe her producer.LOL"

I don't normally answer questions that are ridiculing.  This popped up on Facebook as a reply to a post I made on a group page. At first, I brushed it off but after thinking about it some more I decided to respond. The question is probably rhetorical but I felt it warranted a response because the question, and it's answer, are the whole reason why we are telling our story.  

"Just who takes any advice from Amy Allen-maybe her producer.LOL"

Well, we do.  We had been victims of a slow deterioration for 8 long years.  As time moved forward and our situation worsened, we lost our will to fight.  Without Amy's help there's no telling what the outcome may have been.  When everyone else abandoned us, or made our situation worse, Amy and the rest of the Dead Files crew came to our aid.

Part of the reason we didn't publicly make our situation know and limited who we discussion it with, was because of questions such as this one.  We didn't want to be ridiculed, made fun of, or judged.  People who don't understand or haven't experienced paranormal are quick to dismiss others as crazy, disturbed, morally lost.  We didn't want that.

Questions and comments such as the one posted will cause those who are experiencing terrible things not to come forward.  They will not get the help they need. Their suffering will continue and they will eventually lose their will to fight.  At that point, they may be beyond help.  That's a terrible way to live.

It takes strength and courage to come forward and say, "Hey, this is happening and I don't care if you don't believe but we need help!"  It took us being on a TV show to finally get help and we don't regret that decision at all.

Those who are suffering should be encourage to come forward and get help.  More importantly those who step forward and offer help should be respected because at least they did something.   This question demonstrates this person can't do either.   He just pushes people back into their terrifying situation. And discourages them from getting help.

We are the opposite of him. We share our story in hopes of giving other's strength and courage to come forward.  Supporting them and encouraging them to get help.   

If you are experiencing something that you can't explain, seek out help.  Do not let people like this guy deter you from coming forward.  No one should suffer in silence out of fear of being ridiculed or judged.

Oh, by the way, to the comment poster,  you spelled her last name wrong.  It's Allan.  If you're going to insult someone at least spell their name correctly.

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

We've made it easier to submit questions too!  Just Fill out the "Contact Us" Form on upper right.

If your question is for one of us in particular, please say who it's directed to.   Also, we won't publish your name unless you specifically ask us to do so.


  1. Thank you for speaking up. It is your courage and Amy Allan, Stephen Dischiavi and the Dead Files crew willingness to help that creates a dynamic of hope. Bless you all.

  2. I'm glad they helped you and your family! I can't stand hater's!!


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