Monday, April 9, 2018

Time to Cowboy Up!

We slept so well at our friends house.  We felt safe and secure as well as relaxed.  I realized it was the first time we had felt that way in nearly 8 years.

However, we knew we had to get back to the house as filming was about to begin.  Jennifer and I decide it's time for us to pull ourselves up and get ready for Steve and Amy.  With that being said, we made our way back to the house but left Heidi and Emi with our friends.

Our house was a disaster.  We left in such a hurry that we didn't secure the dogs enough and they ran a muck.  Even so, the entire mess couldn't be blamed on them.  Things were out of place; furniture moved, cabinets open, pictures that once hung on the walls now on the floor.  The house felt extremely heavy.  The air was thick and had a feeling of death.  The smell of pipe and tobacco smoke could be smelt throughout the house.

A friend came with us to help us but also to protect us.  We wanted him their just in case I was jumped again.  We wanted someone there who could protect Jennifer and get her out of there.  Thankfully, nothing happened but while we cleaning up the mud room we could hear the crazy woman screaming and slamming doors.  Her screams sounded more hysterical than ever and the violence in which the doors were being slammed was unreal. I felt as if she knew Amy was coming.  We quickly cleaned as much as we could, gather some cloths, secured the dogs, and left for the day.

We were running out of time so the next day was zero hour for us.  We had to get the house in presentable shape as the filming was scheduled to start the following day.  This time it was an all hands on deck as we quickly picked up all the clutter, placed it in black trash bags and put it in the basement.  Jennifer was the only one allowed to go down to the basement as we didn't want to risk me getting trapped as I had been a couple of times before.  It's amazing how quickly you can get things cleaned and organized when you know a television show is on it's way.

It was hectic but that was good for us.  It kept our minds off all the other things that were going on and we were so excited about the possibility of finally getting real answers.  We were finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We would finally be able to rid ourselves of the evil that had invaded and controlled our lives.  The day of reckoning was upon them.

We sent the girls back over to the neighbors as they had done all they could do.  Chloe had helped some but we sent her away too just in case.  The safety of our girls was our top concern.  Jennifer and I stayed to do a bit more cleaning.  We did as much as we could but exhaustion set it in and we had to stop.  It was a good stopping point to because I could hear footsteps in the house and the smell of pipe and tobacco smoke was starting to fill the air.

The next day was the day, the entire Dead Files crew would be at house at 3:00 PM.  We didn't have much time so we hurried over to the house and got busy.  Lots of coffee was defiantly needed.  We cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped, and dusted.    Our house had really fallen into disrepair over the years.  We just lacked the drive and energy to keep it up-at least to our standards.  Whatever was here had sucked the life out of us.  Any of you watched our episode saw the end result; a nice clean house.  It was cleanest our house had been since our saga began and it took every ounce of remaining energy we had to get it that way.

We had to be out of the house before the crew arrived.  That meant the next hurdle to jump was going to be even more challenging.  Keep in mind, we are working ranch/farm which means we have animals; lots of them.  We had to move every single animal off the property.  The hardest part was moving our dogs to my mother's house in town.  This was a massive undertaking as dog breeding is one of our businesses.  So we loaded approximately 22 dogs in the truck and off we went.  Mother Nature decided to have some fun with us and it started pouring down rain right as we left.  Maya and Ashby (the Lab we had at the time) were in the truck bed get pounded by the rain.  We joked that they needed a bath anyway but it had to be unpleasant for them.

We finally made it to my mother's, unloaded the dogs, set them up in her basement and decided to treat ourselves to a dinner out.  We want to give ourselves a moment to catch our breathe and enjoy ourselves a bit. 

However, the joy of a nice dinner would come with a side of unpleasent activity.


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