Saturday, April 28, 2018

When Rains It Pours!

After dropping the dogs off at my mother's house in town, we decided to reward all our efforts with a nice dinner out.  The rain was pounding, literally coming down in buckets.  I cannot remember the last time it rained so hard and for so long.   Weather alarms were going off left and right on our phones-Thunderstorm warning, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Warning, etc.  It seemed like we got every type of Spring Time weather warning that night

I took all the severe weather as a sign.  Someone or something was angry that Amy was about to do her walk.   As we ate our dinner the voices started.  It was like being in a room with a bunch of angry people and I was the subject of their angry.  I closed my eyes and took deep breathes in hopes of silencing them.  However, my tried and true method that had never failed me in the past couldn't silence the voices.

As I’m doing my best to enjoy my dinner with all the extra "guest" yelling at me, the crazy lady decided she would join in on the fun.  Out of nowhere she screamed.  It was as if she was right behind me.  It scared me so much that I nearly jumped out of my chair.  For some reason, I always thought that the crazy woman couldn't leave the house.   Jennifer looked at me with concern and asked what was wrong.

"She's here.  Didn't you hear her?" I said

"Who, the screaming woman?" Jennifer asked                                                

"Yep, she has friends too and they won't stop talking."  I said as I put my head in my hands.

I told her of the other voices the yelling, thee threats they were making.   One whispered in my ear, "I have killed before, I can kill again.  I pay it no mind.  Ask that Billy Yank(?) about me, he will tell I know who to kill. Ask him about Johnny!" 

The all took turns basing Amy. "Why is that bitch coming here? You better call off that dog or you will regret it."

Their threats then turned to us.  'We own all of you.  You all belong to us. She will not be able to make us leave, we won't leave.  Call her off.'


I was finally able to regain control and the voices began to fade.  I lifted my head up from my hands and as I looked past Jennifer.  There she was, it was the crazy woman standing at the entry way to the kitchen.  She was motionless even as the restaurant staff walked through her.  She stared at me with a look of contempt and angry.  The feeling was mutual.

She was wearing what looked like a white cotton night gown and her hair was a mess.  She was thin and frail; she looked as if she was had been through hell and back.  

I remember a loud crack of thunder which distracted me for a moment.  As I looked back at her, she pointed at me and then pointed in the direction of our house.  I felt as if she was demanding me to go home.  She slowly faded away.

I was sick to my stomach at what I had heard and seen.  It was surreal that the activity just attacked me all at once.  Voice I had never heard and for the first time seeing the crazy woman.  I didn't mention to Jennifer that I saw her because I didn't want her to worry about me as I was already feeling crazy enough.  It was all so exhausting, stressful, and left overwhelmed with anxiety.

The rain stopped, the skies started to clear, and the sun started to shine with what little it had left in the day.   We finished our meal and decided we would just drive by the house to see if the Dead Files crew had made it safely.  We drove by and saw the vans there.  Thankfully the house seemed fine with just a few tree branches down.   

As we drove back to my mothers, we heard on the radio that we had gotten the most rain for a day in May in over 50 years.  Seemed fitting for a night such as that.


  1. Could the weather somehow be related to what you experienced?

  2. Yes, at least on that night we do.


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