Sunday, June 24, 2018

Shock and Awe

After the reveal, Jennifer and I were reeling.  We were overwhelmed by the results of Amy's findings.  It was a parents worse nightmare, but now we knew the playing field was starting to level and tilt in our favor.  We finally knew the "who, what, where, and how" of what had been torturing us for nearly 8 long years.

The fog to the left of the house was natural fog from the pond. 
The crew was packing and finishing up.  They were taking pictures of the house for episode clips as well as some promotional videos.  They had the brightest lights I had ever seen pointed at the house. Our house was lite up so brightly that you could have seen it from space.  They also had a fog machine that they added to the natural fog which was already there.  It was a sight to see and I'm sure the people driving by took notice.  Thankfully none stopped.

Fog machine 
Adding the fog machine

We spent some time talking to the crew, taking pictures, and saying our goodbyes.  We also thanked them for everything they had done, as well as how they respected us while they were here. We didn't get an opportunity to take any pictures with Amy as it took us some time to collect ourselves after the reveal and she needed to leave.  We did, however, get the opportunity to thank her for everything. 

Emi, Steve, and Heidi
Jennifer and I with our producer Jeremy Cook
Emi, Rob Rosen, and Heidi
Steve and Chloe
Steve and I
Me, Ashley Laub, and Jennifer

I felt somewhat relaxed in the house.  I'm not sure the reasons, maybe it was a gain in self-confidence or stupid bravery due to the fact that we knew what was truly happening.  The thought of finally having the upper hand was comforting to us.  It recharged us and gave us strength.  Best of all, it gave us hope.

Jennifer and I spent the next hour formulating a game plan.  As we stood in the kitchen, I felt a cold breath of air on the back of neck.  It was like someone with ice in their mouth breathed on me.  I knew who it was but I didn't react as I no longer wanted her to think she still had influence over me.  I could feel her breath getting heavy and then a whisper in my ear, "why?"  Her tone was not as threatening as it was in the past.  It lacked confidence and was sad.  My only acknowledgment of her was to shoo her away as you would a fly.  The table was starting to turn, she was weaker and I was stronger. 

We decided to stay at the house that night.  Crazy decision given what we had just heard but it was very late and we were physically and mentally exhausted.  Also, the house seemed to have a different feel to it; it wasn't as threatening.  I could sense that every entity that was there was in shock because they heard what Amy had to say too.  Now they had no more secrets.  They could no longer hide in the shadows.  For the first time ever, I could sense they were scared and confused.  That was a wonderful feeling.

We finally calmed down enough and got into bed around 5 AM.  As we are just about to turn off the lights, the spoon comes flying through the kitchen, past the open bedroom, and hits the front door.  Our reaction to it was indifferent because now the power was shifting to us.

The hard part was just beginning as the fight for control would start the next day.  We finally had the knowledge but knowledge is not power, it's the ability to implement that knowledge that's power.   

That would easier said than done.

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