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Trapped: Kevin Platte Guest Blogger

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We are working on the aftermath of our reveal blog entry, so stayed tuned.  In the meantime this is the first installment in our guest blogger series.  This entry is written by Kevin Platte, a psychic medium based out of Washington DC.  You can follow Kevin on his Facebook page, Kevin Paul Psychic Medium and read his blog, Both Sides Of The Veil

Thank you all for your continue love and support.

Lance and Jennifer


I’m a psychic medium who investigates locations and then creates a plan to help clear and cleanse the space of unwanted residual and active (spirit) energies.  I do this work by using compassion and understanding first, then firmness if there is any resistance by the active spirit(s).  My philosophy is to communicate with the spirit(s) and understand their story and why they are still there.  Besides investigating, I also enjoy doing private readings and teaching others how to use their abilities.

A friend of mine, who I will call Joe, purchased a newly constructed house by a beautiful lake which he used as his weekend getaway.  Joe had confided in me that he had seen spirits in his new house for many years and that it made him feel uncomfortable.  He didn’t know why they were there or what they wanted.  Joe told me that he has seen spirits since he was young, and he didn’t really like seeing them, so he never engaged them.  To me this meant that Joe was a natural sensitive since he was able to see the dead; he is basically a clairvoyant medium.  Because of this, he is a “lighthouse” or magnet for the dead who are either wandering around lost or looking for a safe haven.  These spirits would be drawn to him and his abilities typically to seek help . . . but not always.

Joe invited me to his lake house one weekend in September 2017 and ask if I would investigate what was going on in his house.  I agreed to make an assessment without cleansing the house of spirits all in one visit since that would take a lot of time and energy.  I just wanted to understand the stories of the spirits and find out why they were there and then communicate that to Joe.  I was basically just going to observe, listen and then come up with a plan to “cleanse” the location at another time.  The rest of the weekend would be fun activities like going out on the lake in his boat with friends, swimming in his pool, hot tubbing, etc.

Joe’s house has 3 levels.  I asked Joe to tell me what he has experienced on each level.  Joe explained that he had seen a misty type of black mist on the ceiling and the wall a few times in the basement which is a beautiful entertainment area with a full bar.  On the main level of the house, he (and a few others) had seen a black man in overalls.  And on the 3rd or top floor, people had seen small blue lights at night in room.  Plus, the lights in that room would be turn on by themselves sometimes.
We arrived at his house on a Friday night and I knew that I needed to start the investigation that evening.  I felt the spirits wanted to tell their stories and I wanted to hear them.  I knew this would be an interesting “walk” so my plan was to start in the basement and work my way up to the top level.  Joe agreed to accompany me on this investigation to document what I was picking up.  Once I opened myself up to spirit communication, I was ready to begin.  Opening up for me means to quietly meditate to calm my energy which allows me to perceive and receive communication from spirit.

The Basement:
In the basement, I was able to pick up that the active energy was rather weak and timid.  I got that this spirit was a male and tied to the land in agriculture in some way.  I figured out that he liked to hide in the room with all the house electronics which was behind the bar.   This location allowed him to pull some amount of energy which he used to materialize as a black mist to Joe that one time.  He was so timid that I couldn’t really get his story.  I felt that he was either unable or unwilling to leave the basement for some reason.  I felt that this spirit was weak, harmless and a bit desperate.  Interestingly enough, I discovered more about him on the next level.  

The Main Floor:
On the main floor, I decided to sit down at the dining room table.  On that level, I knew the spirit of a black man in overalls had been seen a few times, so I invited him to tell me his story.   Immediately, I felt a presence or pressure on my left side like someone was leaning into me.  I immediately got that this spirit was from the early 1800s and had worked the land nearby.  He had been a slave.  I was talking out-loud while I was receiving this information so Joe was hearing it in real-time.  Quickly, Joe interrupted and ask me if I could get his name, and I immediately wrote down the name Jacob then said it out-loud.  It just popped into my head which for me means that I’m receiving the information directly from the source.   As soon as I had done that, then Joe exclaimed that was the same name he got when he and a few friends had used a Ouija board a few years back.  OK, I thought now we have confirmed the name, now let’s get the rest of the story.  I was glad to have confirmed his name, but I really wanted his story.  So, I pressed on.  I asked Jacob why he was there and I got that he was taking revenge. Then it all became clear to me.  Jacob somehow trapped his slave owner’s spirit in the basement and others on the top floor.  He was taking revenge and making them feel like prisoners. He was the warden and making others feel the way he felt when he was alive.  Jacob was a strong energy and patrolled the house and grounds.  Others had seen Jacob in and outside which means he is a very strong spirit.  This spirit was on a mission.  I thanked him and we moved on to the top floor.

The 2nd Floor:
After learning what was going on in the house, I was curious what was upstairs.  So slowly we went upstairs.  My impression was that the spirits were young, more than one and they were hiding because Jacob had also entrapped them.  I felt that these young spirits were the children of the slave owner in the basement.  What better way to punish someone then to punish their children as well?  These young spirits were smart and mischievous and were able to manipulate electricity by turning the lights on or off.  They were able to sneak around the house a little and were looking for help to get out of their entrapment. 

After the investigation, we returned to the main floor and I told Joe that to cleanse his house, all we had to do was convince Jacob to leave and the entrapped spirits would quickly leave as well.  They wouldn’t need any encouragement.  

Once I retired to my room, I wrote a few things down that I would reference on my next visit which would be to cleanse the house.  I constructed a few sentences that I would use to convince Jacob to stop being the warden.  I wrote as if I was counseling him.  I wrote that “forgiveness is very powerful, but it doesn’t mean that you would have to forget what happened”.  I also wrote an appeal that I would use . . .  “wouldn’t you rather be with your loved ones instead of being in this house keeping these spirits in your prison?”  I finally wrote “that you have made your point and that those spirits now understand what suffering really is.”

After my analysis and writing, I went to bed only to wake up in the middle of the night by the young spirits that had made their way down to my room and entered my dream state to send me a message.  While I was asleep and dreaming, they were trying to use my vocal cords to tell me something.  In my dream, I remember asking some person in the room if they could understand what was coming through my voice since I couldn’t make it out. This person said they absolutely could understand but he didn’t tell me what it was.  Needless to say, I woke up in a pitch-dark room wondering what had just happened.  It took me a few minutes to gather my senses, figure out what had just happened and then try to go back to sleep.  This hadn’t happened before.  I couldn’t figure out what message they were trying to send me. 

The next day, Joe showed me around this new vacation housing development that he lived in, and close by his house, we came upon a small area that had recently had a nice rustic wooden fence installed.  No surprise . . . it was a slave cemetery with natural stones used as markers laid to mark where the head and the feet of the body were placed in the ground.  There were 20 or so adult and children sized plots.  I told Joe that Jacob and his family were buried there.

The rest of the weekend was visiting with friends and enjoying the weekend.  Many months later as I planned a return to do the cleansing, Joe told me that since my investigation, he nor any of his other friends who are somewhat sensitive to these energies haven’t seen or felt anything.  Then it dawned on me.  The time after my investigation in the bedroom of Joe’s house, I spent some quiet time writing down and thinking about my plans and approach to cleansing the house and how I would counsel Jacob to convince him to leave.  Unknown to me at that time, that process was indeed an unintentional cleansing moment.  

As I look back upon it, of course Jacob was present since he basically patrolled that house and he therefore had heard my thoughts and understood my intentions.  He decided that yes, he would prefer to be with his loved ones and that he was ready to move on.  I also think I understand that the message those young spirits were trying to give me during my dream state was perhaps a big “thank you”.  Once Jacob decided to leave that night, they were free to move on as well.  The house is now quiet, and I encouraged Joe to seal his house and property so that no other spirits wander by and try to take up residence.


  1. What a beautiful experience - I’m so glad you were able to reach Jacob and in doing so allow them all to move on to the light. If I was blessed with your gifts, I really feel that would be the most valuable to me. Thank you so much to both you & Lance for sharing! I’d love to read more about your experiences in the future :0)

    1. Kevin did a great job. Hopefully he will submit more stories to us!

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this awesome


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