Thursday, May 31, 2018

Question From A Reader: "Will you ever name the paranormal team that investigated?"

We are working on the aftermath entries following our reveal and hope to have them up soon.  In the meantime here's a recent question we got.  We have gotten this question quite a bit but I don't think we truly ever answered it fully.

"Will you ever name the paranormal team that investigated?"

The short answer is, no we probably won't and that's how we've answered the question in the past.  That answer usually leads to follow up questions such as, "you should so that they don't do this again".  From the outside looking in, that appears be true since our mission is to help others who are experiencing issues.

However, I don't think calling a team out by name would achieve our goal.  The purpose in sharing our story is not to single any group or individual by name regardless of how upset we are with them.  The purpose is to help others by giving them strength to overcome what is happening to them.  We encourage them to seek out help.  Hopefully, based on our experience with a paranormal team,  they will do their due diligence on anyone they bring in to help them. That's the message we want to send.

I am aware that one of a former team member has attacked us publicly in a TDF group.  I have no beef with him or the the team other then how they acted and conducted themselves while here.   If he chooses to attack us, that's his problem.  He has to live that self created negativity.

The only thing I would say to him right now would be to look in the mirror.  The next time someone begs you for help as we did before, during, and especially after your investigation, do your best to honor your creed and help them.  Give them answers, provide guidance, and by all means have the courtesy to respond to their pleas after you've finished your investigation.

Believe me there are so many times I would like to publish the team's name and it's members because I am so angry at what they did but I remain committed to not doing that.  I feel that would just bring in negativity back into our lives as well as create a "he said, she said" situation.  Also, publicly naming them would be counter productive to our goal.

Generating positive energy in our lives and surrounding ourselves with people who help us achieve that balance one of the many keys to protecting ourselves.   That former team member doesn't meet that criteria.

In closing, all I want to say to the former team member is stop talking about me behind my back and stop harassing me on social media (directly and indirectly).  We gave the producers your team's name and your leader choose not to cooperate with the production company.  He didn't want to provide any evidence or talk about it.  As a matter of fact, he said that everything they collected that night was deleted.  He had his chance.

If you have a question, we encourage you to ask.  Our goal in sharing our story continues to be to help those who are suffering and just need some courage to get the help they need.  No one should suffer in silence.

We've made it easier to submit questions too!  Just Fill out the "Contact Us" Form on upper right.

If your question is for one of us in particular, please say who it's directed to.   Also, we won't publish your name unless you specifically ask us to do so.


  1. Glad you are taking the high road and choosing not to name the team or the team member. I believe that would do nothing but create a problem for your and your family, and you guys do not need that negativity in your lives.

    1. I agree. The last thing we need is any kind of negativity.

  2. How can we be sure we don't end up asking that team for help?

    1. Before you hire a team to help you, send us a message with who they are and we'll tell you if they are legit


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