Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Reveal-Part Two

Amy said when she first got here, she came inside through the back and she could feel the presence of others as soon as she entered the mud room.  She walked through the house to get a feel of it and then straight through the front door.  As she was standing on the front porch, she could see a line of dead people walking back and forth in front of our house. She said there were hundreds of them.  While she's there, two black figures (not sure if she said shadow figures) just charged at her.  They were angry, aggressive, and wanted to hurt her.  They didn't want to necessarily be in the house but they did want to be on the property.  The figures were solid and very physical.  She said if someone were to get in their way, they could get hurt because these figures were quite capable of doing so.  Amy felt that they had some sort ties to the property; like a claim on it.  There had been times that we would hear tapping on our front windows and the storm door on the front door would shake.  She said that was them either trying to draw us out or  they wanted inside.

I mentioned to Amy that once I saw a man slowly walking, dragging a rifle by the barrel.  He was wearing a uniform of some sort.  Amy asked if I could tell what kind of uniform.  I told her it was a civil war era uniform but I couldn't tell if it was Union or Confederate.  She said that was interesting because she felt the figures who charged her had some sort of connection to the Civil War.

Amy said that when she went into the barn and looked out into the back pasture, she saw a man walking.  As he walked, he changed into different stages of his life until he finally got to the stage of his passing.  She said he died in the house of some sort of breathing problem and that the energy she saw was just residual.

Amy then told us about her time in the house.  As she walked inside she encountered a male who was very tall and wearing a cowboy hat.  She felt he was from the Western times.  Amy got the sense that he had done some terrible things in his life; murder, robbery, setting fires.  He was very aggressive and physical.  He didn't die on the property but had some sort of ties to our land, either directly or indirectly.  He was "pissed" because he felt that someone in the house, a living person, trapped him here.  He would stand in the back corner of the open bedroom where Jennifer and I slept.  He was trying to figure a way to get revenge on the person who he felt trapped him.  Amy told us he was watching us sleep and at times we could see him as some sort of shadow figure.  She also said that being in the room would be uncomfortable.

Steve told Amy that we had issues in that room and we shared with her the things that had happened to us.   Jennifer said the room made each of us uncomfortable and that one time we saw a shadow figure walk through the room.  She also told Amy that she would wake up with bruises on her upper arm, like someone was grabbing her and trying to drag her out of bed.  Jennifer also shared that one time someone picked her legs up by the ankles and violently slammed them down on the bed.  I told Amy that I had felt someone grab my ankles and pull me down off the end of the bed by about two feet.  I even told her about the time I heard the boot steps walk from the back of the house, past the open bedroom and into the living room.  Steve asked Amy if the guy could do that, and her response was "Yes...and it's going to get much worse."

Steve asked us to share with Amy about the time we brought in the paranormal team for help (see blog post "We Work With The Dead Files & We're Here to Help...Well Sort of."I will never forget the look on Amy's face as we told her about that experience and how we made the team cleanse our house.  She said they may have done a blotched cleansing that is what he feels trapped him.

She tells us she had a sketch done of the guy and when we saw it, I was shocked to see the same guy I saw on our property once before.  I immediately start talking about our horse we had to put down and that one evening I saw the same guy from the sketch standing next to where we buried her.  As I approached him, he said, "just paying my respects." and he walked through the fence and faded away.  Amy asked me if I could tell what he was wearing because she just saw him wearing some kind of robe; like a church choir robe.  I said that I thought it was a western style decorative poncho.

The Sketch of the Hat Man

This poncho is similar to the one I saw the Hat Man wearing.
Steve spoke about a man named William Wade who once owned the property.  His brother, David Wade, and two nephews, Newton and Samuel, served with the Quantrill's Raiders.  They were specifically in William "Bloody Bill" Anderson's unit.   We all looked on as Steve showed the pictures of the Wades' and a couple of Bloody Bill.  He describes the things that Anderson did and how he was killed.  He also told us that David survived the war but Newton and Samuel were both killed in action.  All of these men had likely stayed on our property as Clay County, MO was very supportive of Quantrill and his men.

Steve asked Amy is anyone in the picture looks familiar.  She pointed to David Wade and said the only one that sticks out is "this dude. But it could have been him", she said as she pointed to the picture of Anderson.  She also said that the two black figures that charged her could have been the other two (Newton and Samuel) but she couldn't say for certain.

Steve asks me to tell Amy about what happened to me when the paranormal team was here.  I told her about they called out to the dead.  I remember the shock on her face as she said, "You never command the dead, you only use that when you're commanding them to leave."  I told her about how I was picked up and thrown into the wall.

Steve asked Amy, "Is this something this guy could do?"

"Yes...that's something someone like this would do, torture and if he traps you somewhere else it will be worse than that."

So now we have a ruthless western era outlaw, David Wade or Bill Anderson, in our house. The feeling of helplessness rushes over me because I felt that even if I could see this guy, I couldn't take him.

I could tell that Jennifer was starting to get upset as she heard the news that the paranormal team might have trapped a sadistic manic in our home.  It felt like having a wild animal locked inside with us and it was capable of killing any of us at the drop of a hat.

Jennifer and I were already starting to feel emotionally drained.  We didn't expect to hear that someone who was so terrible in life was in our home with our girls.  I was scared before but now I was petrified. How was I going to protect my family?  How could I beat this thing?

I had hope that we had heard the worse but when Steve asked Amy, "I'm afraid to ask if you saw anything else, but did ya?"

I knew by the tone of how she said, "yea, I did." That we were about to hear something far more frightening and worse.

It would be something neither of us were prepared for or wanted to hear.


  1. Your writing style has improved from hesitant, to me seeing glimpses of your episode. I'm so happy you chose to continue and I truly hope your family finds peace. Your wife and you should think about writing a book. Jennifer's writing paints a vivid picture and yours drips with emotions. I am looking forward to reading way more from you guys.

    1. Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! We have gotten a lot of message telling us we should consider writing a book. I think it is something we may consider in the future! Thank you again!

    2. No, thank you for sharing. You have found your voice(as a writer) and I'm fascinated. A book written from both your viewpoints would be amazing!

      Thank you for this blog; I'm always left wanting to know more about the families.

  2. I just watched the episode last night. I grew up in Northfield, MN and just went to visit today. While I visited the bank that the Jesse James gang raided I recognized a picture next to the photo of Frank James, it was Bloody Bill Anderson. I got a chill.

    1. Bloody Bill was a crazy and deadly maniac. To think that he may have some ties to our property is still unnerving to us.


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