Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Reveal-Part Four

After about nearly 45 minutes, we finally collected ourselves and went back to the reveal.  We were still in shock about everything we heard and were emotionally drained.  When you hear the things we we heard that night, you start second guessing everything you've done up to this point.  Many things were discussed in our reveal.  Things that not only provided answers for us but also allowed Amy to connect all the dots regarding our experiences.

We talked about nearly everything we had experienced over the past 8 years.  It was like a horrifying confession of things we never talked about with others due to the fear of being judged and ridiculed.

While emotional exposing ourselves during the reveal, we discussed how our physical and mental health had declined.  Amy told us that was what the crazy woman wanted to do.  

"She's feed off of all of you, slowly torturing ya'll and is really going after Heidi", Amy said to us.  "She will not rest until she has done everything she can do to break you all apart."

Amy asked us how much we knew about our home.  We mentioned that it sat vacant for over 6 months while it was on the market.  However, we never thought anything of that because we were buying during the real estate crash.  Given that, along with the age of the house, we never considered any issues the house may have.  Plus, paranormal activity never crossed our minds.  

When things started happening, we talked to the previous owners and they told us they never had any issues.   Amy found this disturbing because even if someone wasn't a sensitive they would feel the effects.  Amy felt that they may have experienced things but dismissed them as natural occurrences; something easily explained.  That denial just made things stronger and more powerful.

Because there were so many issues we experienced, it became hard to articulate them all to Amy as we felt as if we were rambling.  The sleep writing and sleep walking by me, she attributed to the dead trying to communicate thru me or control me.  She said there is so much residual energy that it would make it very difficult for anyone to feel totally comfortable here.

The land held a majority of the issues.  Too many negative and violent ties to it.  Suicide of the crazy woman, ties to a ruthless guerrilla gang, raid by soldiers, the path of dead, Native Americans, and just the general violence of the area.

After we had poured out of heart and soul to Amy, Steve said, "You guys okay?"  We nodded as he told us Amy was about to tell us if we could continue to live in our home or if we had to leave.  It was the moment of truth.  Given everything that we had been told and talked about, our hopes of staying were not high.

Amy begins by telling us that we are all sensitives and each of us has something just a little different.  Normally she would tell someone they needed to leave but told us due to our abilities we would have issues regardless of where we lived.  These abilities are like a buffet to the dead as they are drawn to us.  The path of dead had always probably been here and when we moved in those in the path naturally gravitated toward us.  Understanding and learning to control our abilities would be the key to peace.  She recommended protection stones, family strength, and working with a Reiki.  Everything would be a trial and error situation for us but protecting ourselves, our home, and our surroundings would be something that would be continuing and ongoing for us.

All the sudden everything from my past made sense.  I told Amy about the experiences I had as a child and young adult. (See This Question and Answer Blog Entry).  She nodded and said those are what sensitives experience.   The puzzle was finally coming together.

Amy then begins to talk about all the residual energy on the property.  She said it was everywhere; the house, barn, land, the garage.  So many people had ties to the property or traveled through it that all this residual is natural and our sensitivities turned it into a hectic and exhausting environment for us.  She told us we needed a psychic to cleanse the house.  However before that could be done, we must clean the house with hot salt water, cleaning every surface possible.  The psychic will then do a cleansing of the house, land, barn, and garage.   The psychic would then teach us how to do a proper cleansing and we will need to do a general cleansing once a month, forever, due to our abilities.   We would as need to learn about protections and things we must do on a daily basis to keep our home calm and safe.

Page One of Amy's Notes
"Now, first let's deal with this guy," as she points to     the sketch of the hat man.  She tells us that he only     thinks he's trapped in the house but that's not the case    as he can leave anytime he wants.  He likes being on    the land as he sees it as simple reflection.   "So, a     male medium, who is kind of a tough guy, and I think     it may need to be an older guy, will come in and lead   him outside."  She continue to tell us that he will go   willing but the medium needs to be firm and assertive   when telling him.  Once he's outside, he will be   banned from the property but we could allow him to   roam the land.  "However be sure that he understand   he is banned from the house, barn, and garage."

 "Second thing is the deceased woman.  The first step that needs to be done is through a Reiki Master who needs to sever the attachment between Heidi and the deceased woman."  Amy further tells us this will be very difficult and may become volatile.  Doing this will take a lot out of Heidi as the dead woman will draw all the energy she can from her just to hold the attachment.  I remember Jennifer taking a deep trembling sigh as we hear this.   The thought of putting Heidi through something like this was unfathomable.  I felt the fear in Jennifer's hand as I squeezed it tightly.

"Once that is accomplished, the male medium needs to step in...and force her out"  We will need to us the same male medium as he will be strong enough to do this.  Amy warns us this will probably become volatile because she's "probably not going to really want to go."  However, the male medium should be able to accomplish this if he is strong and demands her to leave.  He should say, "NO ONE WANTS OR NEEDS YOU HERE! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THIS HOUSE!"

The emotion of what we are hearing is overwhelming however we manage to hold it together.  Amy then talks about what all the experiences meant and provided us with some closure in the form of warnings.   "All these things that have happened serves as a warning that you must understand your abilities and how to deal with them; control them."  She guides us through steps of what we must do, individually and as a family.  She said these experiences has lead to all of us having PTSD.  Because of this, our family as a whole should start counseling.  She told us that psychotherapist for this would be best as they are more open to the idea of paranormal issues.  Amy encouraged us to be open about what happened to help us get over everything that has occurred.

Page Two of Amy's Notes
"As for your daughter, Heidi, these experiences are a huge warning"  Amy strongly tells us.

"She has PK abilities.  
People with this type of ability are able to effect their physical environment."  Amy adds.

Amy tells us more about Heidi's PK abilities.  She's able to control her physical surroundings with just her thoughts.  The problem is
that Heidi doesn't realize she has this ability.  Because of this, she may unintentionally target anyone who she feels poses a threat or someone who makes her angry. This could be a very dangerous situation.
Her failure to control her PK will cause a poltergeist to grow.

Amy tell us, "Heidi will need individual counseling to help her understand her abilities but also because I believe 
that she's suffered some sort of abuse."  

In addition to Heidi taking counseling, she will need to take up Yoga and work with a Reiki Master if possible.  She needs task, something to release all of her energy in a proper manner.

Page Three of Amy's Notes
"All of you have a difficult road ahead of you.  It will take a lot of work to get through this in order for you to lead peaceful lives."  Amy tells us in closing.

Digesting all this takes us a few minutes.  We are exhausted and emotionally drained.  My head was spinning from everything we heard.  I honestly thought our issues wouldn't be as bad as they turned out to be.

"You both looked like you've been hit with a Mack Truck, " Steve said.

Steve looked at Amy and asked her if we did everything that she is telling us to do, would things change for us in the house.

Amy nodded her head and said, "Yes,  I think the illness will subside greatly. I think that Heidi, in particular, will become much more focused..."

Steve looked at us and asked, "So I'll ask you straight out, you going to do what she says?"

I didn't hesitate in my answer, "Absolutely...I will do whatever I have to do to protect my kids.  I have to protect my family."

The next stage of our saga was just beginning but I didn't realize how all hard and terrifying it was going to be.

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