Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"You stole the show!"

This blog post will be different than the others.  It's about the fun the we had with the crew and Steve.  This entry will not be dark and scary like the others.  Our time with the Dead Files crew was not all serious, we had some fun too.  So, I hope you all enjoy this little detour in our story.  I felt it was important to share this because it was nice to laugh while all the chaos was happening around us.

Jennifer is pretty tall at just a little over 5'7" and with boots on she's close to 5'10".  She is also a typical Texas girl who doesn't always filter the things she says.  I mean that in a good way too, it's one the things I love about her.  Her interview with Steve took place in the open bedroom.  As she was standing next to Steve, it was obvious she was a good bit taller than him. Not saying that Steve is short but with Jennifer wearing cowboy boots it made her taller than what she normal would be.

They had just started their interview and the producers cut filming.  He asked Jennifer, "Hey Jennifer, would you mind taking off your boots?"  At first, she thought it was because of the sound the boots made while she walked on the floor.  Then, out of the blue, she jokingly said, "oh that's right, I can't be taller than the star."  The hush across the crew was priceless.  Jennifer took off her boots as Steve chuckled.

The next person on the interview list was Heidi.  Steve interviewed Heidi in her room.  Like I had always said, the crew was unbelievable respectful of our situation & our experiences.  They knew we had concerns with the back bedroom, which was Heidi's.  After talking to Heidi and discussing with each other, Heidi decided she was okay with doing the interview in her room.  As the interview started, Steve said, "So Chloe, I hear you've had a lot issues in the house."  Heidi responded, "Well I don't about her but I'm Heidi and I have had a lot."

Emi was getting ready for her interview and was a little nervous.  Steve was great with her, absolutely wonderful.  Emi warms up to people pretty quickly, but Steve did it faster than anyone I've seen.  During Emi's interview, Steve asked Emi if she had seen anything.  Emi said that one time she saw a very tall creepy guy standing in the corner of her room.  Steve asked her what did you do, did you say anything?  Without missing a beat Emi responded, "I looked at him and said, 'Well hello creepy guy'".  Steve smiled and tried not to laugh but the producers couldn't contain themselves. Rob Rosen was beside himself laughing, he went up to Emi and gave her a big hug.  He said to her, "That was the best!  You stole the show!"  What made the situation even more precious was that Emi didn't know what that meant.  She thought it was a bad thing and started to tear up.  Rob was great with her, he told her that was a good thing because it meant she was the star.  The smile on her face was ear to ear.  

Emi and Heidi with Rob Rosen, the show runner and executive producer. May 2016

Even with all the fun we had filming with Steve, the interviews opened horrible memories for us, especially the girls.  The interviews with Steve was the first time we allowed the girls back into the house.  We sent them away after the filming was done as we still didn't feel it was safe.  That night they both had difficult time sleeping and I think we ended up all sleep in the same bed at my mom's house. 

Next up was a day off for us as we could just relax a little.  But coming up was the reveal and it wasn't going to be pretty.

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